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Review by pkorx8 See Profile

  • Location: Mountain View,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $37 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fast installation schedule, FAST download/upload speeds"
Bad "Bills me for the incorrect plan, hope they will straighten out the mess"
Overall "Good product but comcast will mess up the order one way or another"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My 1-year U-verse internet deal was up. ATT retention didn't want to extend me, so I'll play the ISP switching game. Luckily I was in a location where ISP's chose to compete.

Ordered the promo high speed internet package for $29.99 + $7 modem fee for 6 months thru the online chat. Scheduled an installation appointment. When I received the appointment email, didn't realize it was a Sunday, but I was able to easily reschedule the appointment on the online account management tool.

On day of installation, the tech showed up promptly. I tend to schedule morning appointments because I'll be the first job of the day, which has less chance of being pushed out, like late afternoon appointments.

The installer did a good job, having to partially rerun a new coax line from the telephone pole. He neatly routed the line under my roof overhang and down the exterior wall. I had provided a drilled stucco hole the night before, for him to enter the line thru the wall. The modem is located immediately thru the hole, so the interior route is simply and straight forward.

The installer did the account login and setup for me on my provided laptop, unlike my previous experience with Comcast self-install kit. I wished he would have asked me for a username of my choice, but not a big deal.

During the order, I had no choice but to order the "pro-install", which was $34.99. I knew I needed a truck-roll anyways because the old coax drop from the telephone pole needed replacement.

Considering the installer needed to run the line from the telephone pole, 2.5hours from start to finish is good.

Immediately, I ran a speedtest after connecting.... whoa!!! 23Mbps down/3 Mbps up!!!

I know its a comcast "boosted" speed, but still. My previous U-verse ISP was 6M/1M.

This time, I was actually very happy and impressed with Comcast, until.....

I received the first bill 2 days later for ~$102, which was way higher than the anticipated ~$72. The online account management site doesn't provide the billing details until a week later. At that time, the detailed bill showed they have me at the non-promo rate of ~$59 for the package. I KNEW MY SATISFACTION WITH COMCAST WILL NOT LAST!

Called comcast customer service, wait on hold, then they tell me that they can't do anything and I'll have to contact help thru chat to fix the problem because I used chat to place the order. wtf.

Connected to comcast customer service chat, and 75min later, they tell me the credit will show up on the next billing cycle.

btw, I had to mention several times that I have the schedule appointment email to show that I signed up for the promo $29.99 + $7 package. They didn't ask to see the email, as I figure they cannot receive any attachments thru chat.

I hope I don't have to call customer service again next month and every month after because they messed up the crediting. I will update here if that happens.

If any of you comcast rep is reading this, where is my compensation for the 75mins I had to waste time with you on the phone?

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