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Review by BronsCon See Profile

  • Location: Concord,Contra Costa,CA
  • Cost: $180 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Service was fast when it worked"
Bad "Shut me off after I didn't pay a bill I was supposed to be credited for"
Overall "Still billing me after cancellation and equipment return"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

In January of 2010 I got roped into a 2 year contract with the promise of a discount (which I received) and a $250 Visa card to be mailed after 90 days of service) which I, as of yet, have not received. Comcast even verified that it was never sent on three separate occasions and, on all three occasions, the rep promised to have a supervisor call me back within 24-48hr. Never got any of those calls. That's a direct violation of the terms of the 2 year contract, yet they're still insisting in trying to charge me a cancellation fee. That's f-up #1.

The installer who originally connected me failed to notice that half of my run was RG59, which should have been replaced during the install, free of charge. This didn't cause any problems until around August, when I had 3 techs out in less than 3 weeks. No charge for the first 2 techs, in face I received a $20 credit for those visits since they failed to resolve the problem. The 3rd tech finally saw what was wrong, informed me that it should have been corrected free of charge during the install, half-way fixed it, and never mentioned that I would be billed for it. Imagine my surprise when there was a charge on my bill for that service call. F-up #2.

During that whole debacle, I was constantly assured that their system maintained a log of any connectivity issues and that a credit would be issued for any downtime I had. It was estimated that the credit I should receive would cover a little over a month of service. Stupid me, I assumed they'd keep their word and didn't follow up, assuming the credit would hit and wipe out my current bill. Imagine my surprise when my service was disconnected on 11-25, when November's bill wasn't even due yet. (Note that I was informed that they don't disconnect phone subscribers unless the account is 3 months past due; I wasn't even ONE month past due, which would have been the case on my November bill's due date.) F-up #3.

I called to have service restored and was informed that, since service was disconnected already, they could not restore service with a payment arrangement, that I'd have to pay the balance in full. When I inquired about the credit I was supposed to receive, which would have wiped out more than half of that balance, I was told that they were unable to access those records at that time. I was unable to pay the full balance that day and, instead, called AT&T to schedule a U-Verse install. They lost me at that moment. F-up #4.

The very next day, 11-26, I called to speak to someone in cancellations (which I was told was closed when I had called the previous day), whom I never got to speak to. I was told that, since the account was disconnected, all I had to do to cancel service was return my equipment. I was also promised that I would receive a call from a supervisor regarding the $250 incentive which was material in my signing a 2 year contract. I never received that call. F-up #5.

Same day, I returned my DVR and modem, in original packaging, with all cables, remote, batteries, functional and flawless. The rep at the service center even commented on the condition of the equipment. She also assured me that my service was cancelled. Guess who just got a bill for service from 12-4 to 1-3? F-up #6.

I truly feel sorry for whoever is working at my local service center tonight because I'm going in there when I get off of work. They violated the terms of their contract by not following through with the incentives with which I was enticed into signing it, if they try to charge me a cancellation fee, I intend to shove a mountain of legal documents up their arses.

Go figure, one month ago I would have rated them BEST on all 6 points.

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Getting rid of them

I signed up for the business class, was thinking of getting rid of them, but they wanna charge an ETF and I can't pay that. It took them 6 months to finally give me a D3 modem and ever since they gave me one it has been smooth sailing, but it took them 6 months. On the SB5120 it would go down at least once a week at varying times, I was unhappy when it did. Now the only thing I can complain about is the price and the fact that they bill you in advance and it looks like double billing to me (not quite sure).


Walnut Creek, CA

Re: Getting rid of them

One issue I had with Comcast in MI when I lived there was the advance billing (which they don't do here in CA). The only reason it was an issue was, when I moved out of their area and cancelled my service, they sent the final bill (showing a credit owed) to my new address, but the check for the credit to my old address. It took 6mo to get that sorted out.

So, why'd I go with Comcast again here? U-Verse (which didn't have a cap at the time) didn't offer the speeds I wanted and Astound cost $10 more with a much lower cap.

All things being equal, I've seen inside Astound's pedestal for my building (it's never locked and always wide open) and the way it's wired, I wouldn't trust them to provide me anything higher than 1.5/768. From talking with neighbors who use them, that's about the case, with high latency and dropouts and total unwillingness to do anything about it. So, Comcast it was; going to U-Verse now (install will be tomorrow, review will be Sunday).