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Review by FarmerBob See Profile

  • Location: Littleton,Arapahoe,CO
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "It's there when I need it and has performed admirably since install (until Spring 2013 Increase) . . ."
Bad "Nothing just yet. And hoping nothing later . . . Spoke too soon . . ."
Overall "When needing to flee from CenturyLink, these guys stepped up. Tripped, stumbled, stepped up, tripped again . . . getting there."
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Update: 10/11/13:

Well for the first 18 months, not counting the billing issues that finally got fixed by ExecCSR #2, it was great. But since the "Speed Increase" in the Spring of 2013, it's been a bit of a nightmare. My speed and solidarity hit the floor when it was suppose to be increased. I am now on my 7th ExecCSR who I have only heard from once after leaving 6 VMs, so I guess it's on to number 8. Tracking speed graphs from the best speed test site SpeedOf.me looks like a child bouncing a ball on the floor. I had a personal Tech Rep that in the beginning first said that it was all on my end until I told him to look up my last tech visit, which the tech that came out got pissed off because everything was perfect, if not better. He sad that we were wasting his time when he could be helping someone that really needed help. I didn't ask for him ECSR #4 said one had to be dispatched to start the ball rolling. After checking this report my over the phone regional tech super, now says it's on their end, he'll check into it and call me back. And at that time my 18/3 speed was all I should expect he said. Needless to say, I never heard back from him.

I had 30/6 solid before they started jacking around with things. That was last April and I have not heard from anyone since. And when I try to call him, he is no longer at the ext that he gave me. I have been told the reason that I am on my 7th CSR and techs are not returning calls, is because their department has been so successful at solving problems that they were escalated to cover the whole country instead of my particular region. Or so the dept head told me. Then she said I'd be hearing from another ESCR and I have yet to. This was last June. The day we buried my father (July 18th), what macabre milestone, my speed went back to 30/6 and has been all over the as the speed graphs show. But over the past couple of weeks things are leavening off at 30/6. Still a bit rocky and not a solid as it was. Good traffic happens with a solid connection, not speed. Speed is just an illusion that they use to make you think you got it good. WRONG. And their Flash or JAVA based speed tests can be "rigged". Use SpeedOf.me for a clean HTML5 test. Of which shows I have a faster connection than the new IPv4 & 6 test Comcast is using now. So day by day I watch and wait, when I use to just cruise along. We'll have to see what happens next. Oh and if you have a good connection, relish it and do not take it for granted. It may be gone tomorrow.


First, my sales rep was great. I had an old eMail address for a manager that I worked with on a business install that was no longer with the company. But the eMail I sent was properly forwarded and I was contacted with no further effort on my part. She was right there with the info I needed and instantly took care of any weirdness or complications. Hurdle number one cleared easily.

So . . . It's been a little over a week since install. I wanted to give it a couple days for both me and the service to settle in a bit. I had to postpone a couple of times, weather issues. I wanted the installers not to have to deal with snow. Postponing was easy and there were no issues nor people getting perturbed about it and their electronic system keep accurate pace with all the changes. Once up and running, speed is great. 3X faster down, 6X faster up at a quarter of the price. Two Techs were dispatched, although only one was needed, but it made the install a lot faster. AND unlike "certain satellite installers", these guys were not afraid to go up on the roof and get things done as needed. It makes a big difference. These guys were sharp, confident and considerate. They worked with me as if I was their direct superior making it a team effort where all my wishes and concerns were addressed and I got an install the way it should be. Haven't seen that kind of interaction in a long while. Quite refreshing.

Price. Although I'm in a promo period, even when it's over I'll still have faster service at a cheaper price. And from what I am seeing, Xfinity is stepping up and are making it very desirable to migrate from CenturyLink. I have been a member of these forums for a long time and know that there is good information here. What I have been seeing is a dynamic switch in reviews and customer experiences with the market absorbing Qwest/CenturyLink on a far more negative level than I have ever seen for any provider of any kind of service. And Comcast rising nicely. Which made it easier for me to migrate. Mostly on a "mental comfort" level.

So far all is good and I am confident that it will stay that way. If not, I'll be right back and let you know.

Thanks to all involved that has made this so painless and hassle free that I'm not really noticing that I have new service, other than the great speed and stability that is making my life so much better. Oh, but that constantly flashing LAN light on the modem is making me nuts. I'm use to DSL flashing only when there is traffic.

Oh I forgot: I was hoping to get a Surfboard (SB)6120 or 21 as the rental so I could try it out so when it came time to buy one I'd had have experience with it. Since it's one of the #1 cited out there and given three stars on the Comcast modem page. But I was given a Ubee (never heard of it before) DDM3513 instead being told that it's their latest and greatest. So that started me on a night of investigation on my new service. I found the Ubee is one of the better and also found that my service can handle a better level of modem. That being a Zoom 5341J that I would have never known about if I didn't have to surf. So in the long run I won't be staying with the Ubee, but won't be going with my prime choice of the SB either.

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Tullahoma, TN

Glad to see!

Seems like everyone only posts the negative experiences. I like you had a very good experience with them this time when I switched back from att.