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Review by quelper See Profile

  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $99 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "Comcast BUSINESS actually provides customer service"
Bad "Still not working correctly"
Overall "Can you hear me now? No?"
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Connection Reliability:
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I have had Comcast and Vonnage for years but the last year, as in all of 2011, I actually tried to use it and discovered I was unable to make a VOIP call, or do any gaming without severe lag.

At first Comcast tried to convince me it was my problem, so I dutifully replaced every piece of equipment that could possibly think of that may be causing the problem. RAM was the first on the list, but after over $2000 in new computer crap, I still had connectivity issues.

Of course "Tech" support is willing to listen to you bitch, and will advise you to remove your router from the mix, do a "Power cycle" but that is all they are trained for. So called, "tech support" is a facade. If you fail to fix your own problem with them on the line, of course if you are calling them on VOIP you CAN'T restart and still be on the phone with them, but they are too dumb to figure that out for themselves, but they will schedule a service appointment with one of their capable field technicians.

I told Comcast back in March 2011 that it was a line quality issue and I was seeing bad packet loss. They took no real action to fix my problem. Sure I had 5 or 6 install techs come to my home to run a new cable, change a modem, or connector, all saying "That was the problem!" They would of course hook up a laptop, run speed tests and show me everything was fine and dandy. It wasn't.

They were unable, or unwilling to fix it, so I canceled, and asked for a years credit, which I was given, and switched to Comcast Business Class. Unfortunately I am having some of the same issues, but they had an install tech and two trucks with lifts show up to fix it within hours of me reporting a dropout.

So far switching to Comcast Business has delivered the same crappy connection but offers actual, if not great customer service. Maybe it will actually be fixed.

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