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Review by buddahbless See Profile

  • Location: Premium
  • Cost: $59 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "pretty good (livable) service at my second house"
Bad "underlieying fees, high ping time, new digital tv boxes are $&#@."
Overall "When there is no other competition around you get stuck with...."
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My Other Reviews

·T-Mobile US
Well the good the bad and the ugly.... Lets mainly focus on my Internet package only due to my other locations ( houses) having only TV and home phone with comcast . well Im currently on the 6 mbps package however I max out ( average) around 5.5 mbps down and 3.1 up from any given test ran from the DSLR site. which is not bad and compared to dsl I have a lot more upload speed, "the catch" is I have ATT dsl in at my house in IL and I only pay $15 a month ( through retention) for there service on the 3 mbps the best I ever did with comcast for internet was to knock off $10 a mth so essentially making my price $39.99 instead of $49.99 ( before taxes and fees). the up time is quite well Id say 95% were as with ATT DSL Im constantly on the phone monthly because of problems on my dsl line. I own my cable internet box which is a plus, however with my cable comcast home phone box they wont let customers own them so Im forced to pay them $7 a month extra for that which is highway robbery not to mention now In my area we have the small digital boxes for xfinity basic tv and the darn thing is always saying " temporary service interruption" note all the cable lines ( in house) were upgraded to rg6 before the switch . Over all there "Internet " service is reliable has decent response time with 2 laptops, sony media player and etc. all in use at the same time for a 6mpbs line, however there price for such low speed service is horrible and thats in comparison to ATT DSL who I dislike in general!

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