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Review by dkyle See Profile

  • Location: Boaz,Marshall,AL
  • Cost: $109 per month (24 month contract)
Good "The only option where I live"
Bad "Yet to get a working dvr, and tech support seems incompetent"
Overall "Would not be a customer if i had any other options"

I subscribed to xfinity internet and tv after I moved to Georgia in January. Within 3 days of having service I had to swap out my first dvr because it would reboot every two minutes. The second dvr worked great for a week. Then it wouldnt act as a dvr, the dvr functions such as record, rewind, pause, and fast forward would not work. Now its April and I still have this same dvr and have yet to be able to use the dvr functions. Tonight I went to the online chat and asked for help with it again. "They went though the whole power cycle it and Ill send a signal." After they did that I could no longer watch tv at all. My screen went black, and the box showed a 0 on its display. Then they "sent another signal" that also knocked out my internet twice just long enough for the chat to close. So I called tech support. Now I know why those new directv commercials were made. She could not understand that I had already done the online chat and that now my dvr didnt work at all. She was stuck on the fact that I couldnt record before so she did nothing to fix the 0 on the display or the blank screen except "send another signal" which did not fix it. She said "give it 30 minutes, and it should work". So here I am an hour later,still with a black screen paying $100 a month for a service that I cant use.

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