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Review by signmeuptoo See Profile

  • Location: NanoParticle
  • Cost: $142 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Been up and running for a month"
Bad "More expensive than other cablecos, disorganized support, 1/2 the speed for higher price, high latency"
Overall "Acceptable service, certainly better than ATT DSL, yet the 250G cap is a bummer"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I called a week before my move. I had been a cablevision consumer and with CV/OOL I had 50M/8M and latency was only 12ms max. With Comcast my bandwidth is only 24/4 and it costs more than the OOL did, so value just isn't there. Latency is pretty high at over 60ms consistently from in house tests.

Install person was refreshingly good, ran a fresh cable for me and was very businesslike, but arrived late. He left cable pieces laying around the yard though, didn't pick up after himself at all.

I am very unhappy about the bandwidth cap of 250 Gb. IMHO, I'd rather see it be about 500 for all I am paying. And my price will go up significantly after the trial period. I have the triple service, phone, internet, cable (middle tier). Phone works well, but lots of add on charges you don't see with regular VOIP.

Also, Caller ID to TV doesn't work here, and the cable box does have a display on it, no time/channel info.

I've gotten literally assaulted with spam phone callers, I've never experienced this before, so they are recycling numbers or spam callers are focusing on this company's consumers, or perhaps it is where I live. I am on the do not call list, yet still get several harassing calls a day, even at 10 PM. No, I don't answer unless I think it is a call from my family overseas.

I am very disappointed in the high latency and cap. I can live with the speeds being 1/2 of cable visions, but even so, and even though I am on their best non contract offer, it is really expensive.

There is call blocking, but they don't tell you that it is liimited to just a few numbers total, after you fill your max, you can't block other numbers, that is pathetic. And where is the free 411? I don't know, I am not entirely happy with the service, but compared to ATT it is better.

There is SOME artifacting with the cable TV.

All in all, passable service, but too expensive and too limited and too much latency for living in a big city. Yes, I was provisioned DOCSIS 3.0.

Also, the did my billing cycle weird. After only 2 and a half weeks service I already got a bill for a second month, screwing up my tight budgeting. And they didn't prorate.

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