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Review by ineel See Profile

  • Location: Sacramento,Sacramento,CA
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "fast speeds low latency"
Bad "high non-promo pricing"

I recently switched to comcast's internet offering after paying at&t $49 for 12/1.5mbps internet and mandatory modem rental and that was after a retention discount of $5. So I decided to jump ship and try comcast for the first time. I ordered the service on comcast's website and chose to do a self-install and provide my own modem. While waiting for the self-install kit to arrive, I went and ordered a Motorola SB6121 and an Apple airport extreme router.

After everything arrived, plugged everything in and activated the internet service. It was pretty simple to activate and took about 10minutes. I went straight to speedtest.net to check the speeds for my "performance" tier. I was getting around 25mbps down and 3.5mbps up. That was basically twice as fast as what i was getting before. NICE! But comcast has powerboost so I used shaper probe to see my actual provisioned speed. It ran for a few minutes and told me that I have 16mbps down and 2mbps up speed. Its a little faster than my old Uverse so thats nice.

The promo I have is $29.99 for 6months. At the end of 6months I will call comcast and see if they can keep it at that rate. If not, I will simply play the switching game with comcast and at&t.

The 6 months just ended so I called to cancel and rep said he would keep me at same rate but I already called AT&T so I moved back to uverse. Overall Comcasts service was great and didn't drop out and didn't have any downtime so that's real good.

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