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Review by Zenit See Profile

  • Location: Purcellville,Loudoun,VA
  • Cost: $107 per month
Good "Fast & Reliable Connection, Good Digital Voice, X1 DVR has a slick UI"
Bad "Technical Support & Billing is beyond helpless. Any time your on the phone w CC expect 2+hrs of run around"
Overall "What choice? Comcast is the only provider offering 21st century speeds for anyone stuck in a VZ Non-FIOS area. "
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//Decided to rewrite the review as the old one was too lengthy//

We have had service for quite a while now (since 2011).

Package: "Starter XF Triple Play" - Performance Internet, Unlimited phone, 200something channels of HDTV.
Negotiated Details: HD Fee no longer assessed, free DVR.
Equipment: Arris TM722G (Leased, original from 2011), X1 DVR (installed July 2014, replaced plain Moto HD box) - Total Cost is $8.

Reliability has been very good, service outages have been very rare and only last for short periods of time. The longest outage was in the middle of the night but resolved before the next morning. Speeds are consistent - over the past years Comcast has increased the speed of Performance from 25mbps down to 30mbps down in this market. Digital Voice works well and has voice quality as clear as a POTS line. The added bonus Xfinity Connect app for iPhone or Android lets you take your landline with you anywhere, and use it or a second freebie number anywhere (great if there is no reception but wifi is available).

TV service is fine. Some channels have obviously better HD picture quality than others, it comes down to the amount of compression. The X1 DVR is the star of the TV product and its a nice DVR, very slick GUI, the automatic recording features and program search functionality work flawlessly. Note - we do not use the whole home functionality, only one cable box in this house.

Now, the problem with Comcast's service is entirely with Corporate. Support and Billing lack training and do not put the customer first - you will spend hours on the phone for a minor issue, and chances are the CSR will just screw up more than they will fix. The only people with real power to resolve billing issues seems to be the Retention department. Calling Retentions is the only way to keep the promotional rate.

As an example of how customer hostile Comcast's CSRs can be, I give you this gem of a quote:
"I'm sorry but promotions are intended as an incentive to allow new customers to experience the Comcast service for the first time and not intended as lifelong service reductions. It is our deepest hope that once the value of the Comcast service is experienced, the services that other companies offer will be less desirable."

...your service would be a hell of a lot less desirable if Verizon actually bothered to build out FTTP as they are legally required by franchise here, Mr. All-knowing Comcast agent. You have me by the balls for anything faster than 3mbit, this is not a pleasant experience. I would not be chasing promotional rates if you offered your services at a decent price! Your promotional rate SHOULD be the price, period. They offered me 3mbit for $99. I laughed.

Moral of the story: Totally ignore web chat support. Ignore phone support beyond the retentions department. I miss direct support here on DSLR very much, it was a massive error of Comcast to end it. That was the only place you could get actual help. Today? No more.

Techs - Contractors are absolutely useless. Every one I have encountered seeks to do the minimum amount of work to label the job as completed. Our initial install in 2011 was done by a Contractor and was totally unimpressive. He refused to run a quick line into the upstairs office as it would take "too much time" (negotiated at ordering time). As a result, he left the gateway modem in the living room far away from the ethernet-only PC's.

I ended up using a long coax cord to get the modem into the office, and I found out what a pile of junk the SMC gateway was. Called for a 2nd tech to come and complete the install. The 2nd tech was a Comcast in-house tech whom has been with them since the Adelphia->Comcast transition. He was great, ran the line to the office through the attic in 20 minutes, and supplied me with the Arris TM722G EMTA which has not failed after terabytes of data have been pushed through it.
The X1 Install tech (also in-house) did a good job as well, and was friendly. I could tell he was in a time crunch, as he could not replace the undersized house box with a larger one. So I ended up pulling a Verizon and placing a trash bag over it to protect the amp.

It is clear that Comcast specifies rapid job completion over neatness of work - this is a problem that they should seek to resolve. A little bit more time allocated to the techs will make a world of a difference.


The service works. The HSI quality is above average and makes DSL look ancient. Their support is torture.
They are my only real choice and they know it.

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Comcast crap


Comcast is crap

Comcast is the worst ever,never had to deal with such a bunch of morons in my life ,no communication within the company ,service is crap!,do yourself a favor don't ever get comcast anything



Billing issue

In April, I became a subscriber. Received bill. Many excess charges. contacted customer service for help. Talked with a rep who informed me that adjustments would be made. A new bill would be sent out in a couple of days.

By the way I was told the conversation would be recorded.It wasn't. I was given assurance that a new bill would reflect the changes.

On May 7, a new bill did arrive. Showing no adjustments. Same Amount for April. However May bill is only $75.17. Maybe this is reflecting adjustments. Then I called to speak with a rep about previous bill and she promptly informed me that no adjustment had been made. There was no record of my conversation with a CSR in April.

I spent about 30 minutes attempting to solve the issue for previous months bill all to no avail.believe me I know that the rep is only following rules, but why do they give false information. If the first guy couldn't make the necessary adjustments why not just say so.

I intended to discontinue the internet service in April after being given misleading information. The rep assured me that it would be straightened out and a new bill sent out. prompting me to keep the internet. Had I known it would only get higher, trust me, I would have ended this service sooner.

therefore, subscribers beware! That's all I got to say about that.Looking for a trustworthy internet service. where integrity still reigns.


Purcellville, VA
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Re: Billing issue

I know your a guest...but try to get a hold of Direct Support here. Sign up for a DSLReports account.

Direct Support is the only way to get any help from Comcast. They are terrible indeed, but when my only alternative is 3mbit DSL from another bunch of lying crooks (Verizon) what can I do? :/
Most of these ISPs in the USA dont have any integrity, their only concern is how much money they can make. Keep that in mind.

Avondale, AZ
Check with you state laws.. Here in AZ.. It's a one party notification when it comes to recording phone calls.. I'm the only party that needs to be notified when I'm recording myself talking to lawyers, insurance companies, and other shady people like cable companies.

A lot of states are one party notification.

Woodbridge, VA

Customers should know that isn't how it is supposed to look.

You should know a cable box shouldn't look like that. You as the customer have to hold the tech's and company's feet to the fire. If you are not happy with service, escalate it. Comcast will send tech's out.


Purcellville, VA
·T-Mobile US
·Verizon Online DSL

Re: Customers should know that isn't how it is supposed to look.

I am aware that its very sloppy work, hence the jokes in the review directed at Verizon for using trash bags to "repair" their ancient copper network that they have lovingly abandoned. (I am the one who put the trash bag up, as the box was literally dangling open)

The reason I have not bothered to complain to Comcast is that its now much more difficult to even deal with them than it was in the past. Direct Support is gone. Even minor billing things take hours on the phone to get resolved.

The company has a very major support problem that they have done too little to resolve, but being a monopoly in many places they don't care.

I just don't have the time to bother sitting around all day for a Comcast tech to put a new house box up (or show up and say its fine)...so I will do it myself whenever I get around to it. There are plenty of sites selling the larger boxes for about $19 which is reasonable.