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Review by murph12 See Profile

  • Location: Jackson,Jackson,MI
  • Cost: $80 per month
Good "Decent Installers just young guys"
Bad "Comcast is terribleAND NOW EXTORTING IN APRIL 2014"
Overall "crap comcast cannot' do get fast cheap net in this countrty (Is the USA all medidcure now in everything?)"
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May 7, 2014, update - Comcast Collections and Audit Manager JAMES, has not sent me the 2010 Bills that He used to end my comcast Cable/HSI service and it has been a month now. This is the worst company in America for sure with people like this working in Management. If A Bill was not sent from 2010, and it is now May 2014, Comcast should, at the least, be concillatory as they did not bring it to the attention of the customer in 4 years, that is poor service.

April, 2014 UPDATE -- Comcast has resorted to a new low with AUDIT AND COLLECTIONS DEOT. that sems to create "old bills" when customers move, then they demand immediate payment (even though they sent no bill) or they will (and do) cancel the install at your new address!

USE THIS AS A OPPORTUNITY to find other ISPs and choose anyone BUT comcast as We as customers cannot reward such a criminal organization with such terrible service any more. I am done with them even if I have to use WiFi and VPNs.

COMCAST Services SE Michigan -- moving, Modem, and overall review -- October 2012. Edit Add Feb 10, 2013. Still expensive, and not fast


2014 UPDATE -- Comast still too slow, and too expensive (for mediocre service) connecting to the Backbone)! Google Fiber rolls out prove beyond doubt they CAN offer speed for a reasonable price but only if forced to do so, by competition preferably or a law and tax issues otherwise (they surely will not do it unless forced) -- which is exactly, EXACTLY what We need in this Country (and State of Michigan) to get the economy going !! Competition for more connections to the Backbone with 10 GB speeds so that We home and business can have 1 GIG service for $50 month (and they would still make a incredible profits).

SO next time you talk to you, Us, the Voters, tell your Reps. and Senators if they want your vote to make a law the USA main ISPs that offer Home/Business Internet Service, they HAVE TO offer 1 GB service for $50 month or less, or face increased tax, or something *(better yet perhaps offer Startups the ability to compete without massive investment).


From Early adopter (see below) of tech, mashups, mobile (Android, mainly), and Social -- use HSI (and need Gigabit Services) to upload programs, apps and other digital information Online.

As few recent reviews exist of Comcast (10/2012) in the local area -(Jackson, Ingham, Washtenaw) Counties I specifically wanted to review Comcast internet (HSI), Installation, speeds, modems, reliability, latency, and Prices.

First and most important: THE future is being held back in the USA by the lack of REAL High Speed Internet, known as Gigabit (Google is building Google Fiber, which is Gigabit --- so the US is behind. We need to do it ourselves. This is literally holding US, the Country, (and the World for that matter) back and from re-sparking the economy of 2000-2008- WE need Gigabit right now -- if you know the changes the "net" brought in the 1990s the prosperity, and opportunity -- then you know what Gigabit speeds, 1000 times faster than now --then 1000s times the prosperity is being held back!

OK - many do not know the same HDTV you get on cable is available FREE Over-the-Air now, exactly like on cable, all one needs is the right Antenna as digital TV is there -- or it's not. So I am using a mix of Internet and over-the-air, until I end cable TV soon just want to work the issues out before I save some $50 a month (probably more next week as the bill keeps going up).

I like others have started to cut the (TV) cable cord. and shifted towards internet service bringing TV programming to my DVR -- but PRICE is important as Netflix proved and now is only $8 month. But it does not provide networks, so that I get through over-the-air or Antenna.

With DVRs and other time shifting, for the most part have programming We want, when and where We want it -- even HBO is starting to provide "go" programming (but price is still an issue). The Cable (HBO) provides some of the best, cutting edge programming but I hope soon they will provide a pure internet option. Low Price matters. It is what brings Wide scale adoption.


COMCAST is a "main" provider of reasonably priced residential High Speed Internet (HSI) service in SE Michigan, widely available and mostly reliable -- BUT the speeds are slow in general (but great compared to the current options so in essence it is the only game in town).

We need Broadband Internet competition (as it seems other providers cannot seem to get critical mass and provide the same services, but I could be wrong). Mediocre Internet speeds of around 10 MB is now the norm for the lower price tiers I have currently, and although I want better speeds, it is the best available.

Now Google Gigabit or "Fiber" is only going to Kansas City so far -- Verizon FIOS proves the best price is around Fifty Dollars ($50) a month which they provide 50 MBps


We want more speed (as speed brings innovation) and FIOS is not available in SE Michigan. Google Fiber, or any gigabit fast Internet Service needs to be available in all of the USA as all Americans need to have (and need to demand) this the same as any other Utility - which it has become. Comcast does seem to provide 10 MB down, and around 1 MB up.

With the "boost" download speeds of 30 MBps is the service from Comcast in SE Michigan.

Moore's Law (double speed, half the price every 18 months or so) has not applied to Home Internet Service, IMHO, because the infrastructure was SOLD -- Our Government at work for US again

In any case We do have 0 to 30 MBps service from Comcast HIGH SPEED INTERNET with basic cable for about $80 a month here in SE MIchigan including basic shows on cable, but NO DVR..

Moving went well from Comcast "move" service online -- and HSI and CableTV service was moved on the day it was scheduled. Comcast has advertised two-hour appointments but I still wasted an entire day with it waiting for the installers, doing the work after they left, and having the new service being online for everything like it was at the former address.

As many Families want to lessen the ever increasing Cable bill, I too have started to "cut the cord" of CableTV -- as We can get HDTV over the air (in other words, with an Antenna) in SE Michigan in addition to Comcast Cable but you do need the TV that has a tuner in it or another set top box.

So I purchased a newer model Digital UHF and VHF antenna and used my existing equipment in Home including Digital tuners, HDTV, a generic DVR -- and for the cutting the cable start a Roku and BluRay DVD Player with Internet Apps built into it (thjese provide TV programs free after the box, which is less than $100 each, is paid for -- the only ongoing cost is the internet or Comcast HSI, which I have anyway for "internet service.".

These ROKU and APPS are sometimes called "media devices" and have come out in the past two years or so with newer ones released and being sold in stores every day (be cautious, as many are NOT ready to do what most people want them to do -- replace cable TV completely) that only need Broadband or HS Internet service for programing. The Blu-Ray includes an ethernet cable port, and included in it if you put HSI into the Ethernet through a Home router, is the "apps" provide Netflix, Vudu, and some other program names. It is NOT like watching traditional cable, so it takes some time and get use to them, and the extra effort needed to find, watch, and hook into (Register, some free, some charge) shows -- although they sometimes do have the regular network TV Shows (e.g. "House") they are usually NOT on at the same time the first run showing on traditional Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS).

This obviously causes problems for some, including myself, as that is the reason I am still paying for basic cable (the favorite shows).

To lower the monthly costs (which IS a consideration) requires ending cable TV programming charges completely which I have NOT done yet. I also enjoy other programming (such as BBC) not usually available and the "apps" and Roku provide these shows and so far the 10-30 MBps service has worked well for them, no problems usually but they do take time to "load" (5-10 seconds). As an "early adopter" to these "media devices" they are great and use the same HSI we already have -- but I wonder at what point the will need more Bandwidth? The programs or apps are exponentially growing and so many are available this is not the place to do anything more than say there are thousands! Comcast HSI enables Us to bring these programs into the Home, with the "apps" -- If possible your tech-savvy Son, Daughter or Friend could set up for you but this defeats the purpose I believe but most are free so not a big deal !

Modems is the next issue as it was the Motorola Surfboard SB6120 which Comcast charges me $7 month rental fee. The only "plus" to this is they own it so if it fails they have to replace it free. I am going to purchase one but of course, which one is the issue.

Moving Cable installation itself was easy but it cost $30 install fee. The value of a network interface, the RG6 cable, and splitters is worth it but Comcast has certainly got to do this better - We used to have to sit around all day waiting on the Installer (without even a call) -- this time they did call and let me know they were on the way. I was fortunate to get good installers (two of them). They were good, and Comcast even started putting up plastic network boxes on the Outside House Wall (similar to network interface used by phone companies).

SPEEDS: Comcast HSI Internet speeds IMHO, are the reason I am with Comcast as compared to DSL, or other services *although see above about Gigabit*. The Service and Speeds are mostly reliable and the price is reasonable but given Comcast loves to confuse Consumers with Marketing and Pricing nonsense (triple double play, service speed/reliability (almost the same confusion attempts as with Flat-screen HDTVs).

It would behoove Most Consumers to find, or hire, someone who is tech-savvy to advise them who is NOT selling them anything - on what to order. A close friend or someone to do research online for HSI specials is almost required as they do run "specials" all the time, so do that before the order as it COULD save a considerable amount given all the nonsense marketing (mixed in with actual specs). Get someone who ACTUALLY knows Computers, Tech and doing online searches (vs. people who "say" they do but could not determine what site is comcast, and which sites are NOT comcast.

SECURITY. make sure if you have wirless your WPA2 personal or similar is on and a password set first thing. Otherwise you might spend a $1000 or Two of hard earned money and get stuck with crap that everyone is able to get into as easy as sitting in front of your House. Same for non-wireless as the firewall and anti-virus is required today. Not having them is akin to leaving your front door open and Comcast includes some security programs but I do not use them so cannot comment - but they are included free as constant guard so USE THEM. If you do NOT have a Son, Friend, Work person, that is "Tech-Savvy" person to double check this, others are easily found and available at most computer shops. it is well worth PAYING if you do not know what to do, or seek out a business (which do exist but not in small communities it seems) to secure your HSI. At a minimum use the Constant Guard included with Comcast HSI.

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Buffalo, NY

Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Once I heard that Comcast was going to purchase Time Warner Cable, I immediately call Verizon FIOS. I was a Time Warner Cable subscriber for over 10 years. I want no part of Comcast or Charter.

Hail to The Victors
Detroit, MI

Re: Comcast/Time Warner Merger

there's Fios in Buffalo?