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Review by jkmacho See Profile

  • Location: Madison,New Haven,CT
  • Cost: $177 per month (24 month contract)
Good "works"
Bad "horrible connect times to comcast hosted mail server"
Overall "too many trees for satellite dish and too far for dsl"

My most recent fustration- went to comcast office in CT to exchange my modem on the advise of a Comcast letter advising an upgrade (letter lost) for faster Internet (have bundled voice Internet TV service)

This seems crazy,,, the local office Comcast CSR told me that in CT, Comcast cannot exchange my modem (modem has voice) and MUST be done via letter instructions (lost of course). No help from the CSR, blame the state so I left in fustration. Reconnected to get back on-line and hunted on Comcast FAQ to find an on-line upgrade request submittal.

I am hoping the modem upgrade and wireless router replacement will fix my problem of "server connect" issues and not connecting will be fixed. (no help from Comcast support unless you pay...) The connection goes out to never, nerver land without connecting and no time out notification

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