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Review by Geno71 See Profile

  • Location: Antioch,Lake,IL
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "Decent Speed, Reliable Connection"
Bad "Bill increases a few dollars every year with no speed increase"
Overall "We need competition in the cable internet market in each city, not just regionally."
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I'm happy with the overall connection quality but it's extremely expensive for what you get and the prices never stop increasing even though the bandwidth does. There's no competition for any cable internet provider, in any city. You'll never find a house that can get Comcast, and Time Warner and RoadRunner and have some price competition. All of these companies are guilty of monopolistic practices but the govt won't touch them because they can argue they don't have access to some markets, therefore can't be a monopoly. But they are monopolies city by city. The monopoly in most Chicago area towns is Comcast. Same in Philly, etc. Then in other parts, Time Warner is the monopoly. In others RoadRunner.

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