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Review by egeek84 See Profile

  • Location: Livermore,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $196 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Incredibly fast internet speeds, large array of internet/tv packages, for the most part reliable service"
Bad "Customer service can be hit or miss, connection issues on occassion"
Overall "Comcast is the best ISP to go with if you want reliable and cutting edge entertainment options"

I've lived in this home for almost 20 years. We started out when it was called TCI, @Home, ATTBI, and now Comcast. Over time, there have been many technical issues but every situation was resolved and I couldn't be more pleased with the overall level of service i've received. I'm currently on their 'Triple Play Premiere" promotion and get every cable channel (sans The Movie Channel) along with Blast internet and digital voice. This comes out to 196 dollars a month but will go up in another year or so. At that time I plan on calling in to see if I can renew my promotion.

Order install process is fantastic, you can now do it online and have them come within the same day or next. I've always had knowledgable and very friendly techs out to my house. They know their stuff and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

My equipment: For Cable tv, I have two of the new Comcast X1 Boxes which I absolutely love. We also have the Arris TMG Gateway that acts as our cable modem and voice modem in one. It also has a wireless router built in but I prefer to use my own Netgear router that has 5ghz/2.4ghz dual band capabilities.

If there is one major complaint I can make about Comcast, it would be their customer service. Often times, i've encountered reps who don't know how to do something that they should be able to do or i've even had to walk them through how to do something. Sometimes I get a very nasty rep, sometimes a very nice one. I feel like they need to rehaul their whole department and get some training in so everyone in that department knows how to act and what procedures to take. For instance, the last time I called to get my gateway put into "bridge mode" so I can use my router, I was given a 800 number to call but nobody ever picks up that number and then when I call 800-comcast, none of the reps knew how to do it. But eventually after calling enough, I was lucky enough to get someone who knew how.

Overall though, I love Comcast with all my heart. They provide me with the best entertainment options one could ask for and are truly my outlet to entertainment, news, and the outside world. The futue of awesome? Oh yeah, that's Comcast!

Update 1/14/2013 - I got rid of Comcast Voice because I was not using it at all and am now just using my ATT smartphone for voice service.

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swingle57 sw



I have the same setup as you,and it does its job way better than Verizon.I had numerous problems from Ver.slow,freeses up,shitty customer service,but they loved there money,so I just didn't want to keep fattening up there wallets,so there history.I also have Xfinity,all movie channels,plus internet HD Premier XFBundle.Nothing else out there can compare to this.Except I'm renting the Modeum for now. Later Jeff