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Review by PortLost See Profile

  • Location: Gainesville,Alachua,FL
  • Cost: $69 per month
Good "Have to work with it so has to be more than acceptable, not for entertainment"
Bad "Seriously, could be faster"
Overall "Good"
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Been using Comcast/TimeWarner for 7 years. Initially had connection
problems and they always said we live too far away to get fast signal,
however last two years connect to SamKnows and stats say we get 17 - 23Mbps
with aleast 1 period, about two days a month of dropped packets. Upload is
dismall at about 1.23Mbps yet we watch Netflix most of the time without
problems and yes there is buffering. We don't have a choice being rural.

5 mins to town center, and over 300 feet from major highway. They will not
run cable all through our lake area for some reason and if we were asking
them for the first time the engineers said we would be refused a connection!

I can't use anything by cable since I work via a VPN and sat is not good at
that. We don't have TV service only Internet from Comcast. When it does
go out we also loose our Voip phone system but that's not throught comcast
but uses the Lan obviously that's a bummer.

Overall we are sort of satisfied but are cognant of the fact that those on
the highway have a super fast connection compared to ours and choose to live
in a nicer place than in the town center etc. They always check the signal
first when we call and mostly admit when its their fault the line is down.
Luckily it has improved in the seven years and especially since being linked
to SamKnows.....

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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