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Review by omyda See Profile

  • Location: Miami,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $89 per month
Good "Speed is blazing! The SMCD3GNV fixed a lot of issues!"
Bad "The SMC3GNV doesn't seem smart like other routers and blocks everyday items."
Overall "Speed is fast, hella fast. If you can tolerate having to open ports for like xbox, slingbox, etc. Most other routers do on own."
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I have been with Comcast for sometime. I started with them when the top speed was 3mb. Now though they have evolved into one of the fastest, largest HSI providers. I jumped to their 50mb per second package and was fairly happy. Then though, my family started to get into using the internet. So with my media server, xbox, smart tv, etc, and now them getting a smart tv, and using things like youtube more, I noticed a huge drop. I work in IT and I recently added an IP camera system. For that system I used a 1000GB network. The lag was almost non-existent. So I went home and saw that mine was only 100MB. I called Comcast up for options and I asked them to send me the SMCD3GNV. Other people have had issues, but they all had the phone service also, which cuts into speed. When a voice call is made, it takes bandwidth from data. I did not like that at all, but since I am not using that feature, its all good.

Setting it up was a pain, I kept getting bounced around on the phone, and when I did get one, I barely understood them (India Rep). After about 10 minutes of suffering on the phone, my modem came to life. I then changed all my computers and equipment to the weird 10.0.0.X IP addresses. I then had to go into the rather dumb router's setting and open ports for xbox, slingbox, remote potato, and a bunch of other things. My Netgear before this router took care of all that for me, so this was a pain. Anyone that doesn't know about this would have been frustrated. Once setup though, I was impressed.

Speednet tests gave me a solid 65mb down 16mb up. That's insanity, since im on the 50mb package. With my Netgear I had to use repeaters to get signal to parts of the house. I can not tell you what a nightmare this causes with video streaming. The SMCD3GNV killed all those issues. I was able to retire all my repeaters and only use the built in wifi on the modem. Very impressed. My parents say that Netflix on their TV is HD quality and never buffers. Where as before, it was buffering a lot and looked like pixelated vomit sometimes. My PC, which is on 1GB port, is much more responsive with downloads and uploads.

In all, I would recommend the service. I mean its hella fast. You just have to really understand the equipment. Comcast's internet has always been top notch, well at least in Miami. I just wish they would give this same excellent service on their TV side. I am so tired of the limited, Nintendo looking interface that Comcast uses on their digital boxes. I tried out my friends U-Verse TV and was amazed how it looks, and all the features it has. Comcast, continue the great work on internet, but please do something about TV service!

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