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Review by wildjim See Profile

  • Location: Dundalk,Baltimore,MD
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Intermet Service is 50/10 and working"
Bad "No TV since installation technicians are poorly skilled and need to replace outside wiring."
Overall "Give them one more week and the third service call then I call it quits."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Initial installation was poor. I told the technician of the 20 year old existing damaged open ended RG59 cable from the pole to the house but he continued trimming back the corroded cable until he got a marginal signal.

The internet works but no tv do to the low signal and he scheduled another appointment.

During may waiting I replaced all indoor cables and connections with top of the line RG6 cable and tested on two TVs still no constant picture due to low signal. I wrote to the chat session of my troubleshooting progress and results indicating faulty cable outside and they said they would relay to the scheduled technician but when he arrived he had no clue and no ideas. I then directed him to the 20 year old faulty cable outside.

The second technician was even worse and had to be directed but refused to complete the task of replacing the outside cable when it began lightly snowing and accumulated to a dusting. Its my opinion that the second technician came unprepared and intent on not do the job. He could have at least swapped out the cable box as a test but even lacked basic troubleshooting skill in my opinion.

I complained to several managers and it seems to me that they simply DO NOT CARE

So now I wait for the third technician and hopefully a solution rather than excuses.

Not a good first experience with Comcast Cable so far and I am thinking bye bye comcast as soon as FIOS is available.

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