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Review by Gerard1234 See Profile

  • Location: Hazel Park,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $232 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "When everything is working it is good."
Bad "Getting service if something goes wrong in the neigborhood."
Overall "If it works it is great. Note: Comcast direct here is the best way to go."
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I have the Comcast complete service. I have had Comcast for 15 years now. Last fall went to WOW but they could not get their act together with the services they offered and had not as much of On Demand which we watch a lot. Like Streampix We had a windstorm about a couple of weeks ago or so and our service went haywire so did our neighorhood, the neighbor told me that he thought it was his T.V. Picture on the T.V. was tiled and internet and phone would not work most of the time. Called a CSR on the phone and they kept on trying to sell me linebacker service and said they would charge me $60. So I went to Comcast Direct on this website and Comcast Vic had a tech come out and the Tech said it was a bad tap or node and that they would dispatch linemen to remedy it that night. An hour later they came and fixed a node. Their service rarely ever goes bad though. Can go many months or years without a hiccup. So I will go through Comcast direct next I ever have a problem with service. KUDOs goes out to COMCAST VIC Next time someone comes to the door trying to sell WOW or Uverse I will shut the door on them. I will be getting the new x1 platform Friday August 2nd 2013 and will post my experiences with it.

Update: Finally got a new DPC 3939 wireless gateway 2 and it has a very good wireless range and you have more options on the admin page too. The X1/X2 platform has had its ups and downs, but now most of the early problems have been resolved. It has a good picture and the menus load quickly when booted from a power outage compared to the old style of guide which took up to 24 hours to update. It takes about 4 minutes from a cold start to a fully booted up guide with up to 14 days of programming in it.

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Cool Cat
Happy Valley


Let us know if you actually get a response in the Direct Forum.


Re: Curious

It probably will take a week or so before they respond. Called them again and the CSR says it is not a rate issue but technical support says it is. WOW to be a customer of Comcast. I knew I should have left well enough alone and not have got this X1 platform. When everything works it is ok, but the people especially the CSR's do not even know what services they provide. The one CSR told me that the anyroom clients on the X1 platform can not record a program. I went to the diagnostics page and it says MOCA is disabled on the main DVR. It is enabled on the client ones.