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Review by wrad See Profile

  • Location: Port Saint Lucie,Saint Lucie,FL
  • Cost: $125 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Connection Reliability"
Bad "Integrity, Greed"
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T (Business S..
Needed reliable 1-MB/S down/ up, and the only other option was AT&T T-1.

Asked for the existing cable to be re-connected to the node, and provision my MODEM. Was told, "No." Because they would miss-out on equipment-rental, and the installation charge?

Had to buy a static IP because the network needed port-forwarding, and the Comca$t-router lacked this capability without it.

Had to buy a wireless access-point because Comca$t offered no router that they deemed reliable. Aside: plenty residential-customers would agree.

Installation was expeditious, but could not logon to the gateway. Contractor left the room so I could not hear his telephone-conversation. Could logon after his return.

Installed wireless access-point, and lost connection. After three-days, reset the gateway; could no longer logon. Summoned Comca$t support. Two-problems, my usual DNS-providers could not be used. Resetting the gateway defaulted it to a different password because an SMC-8014-gateway had been installed. Technician replaced the 8014 with an SMCD3G. We had a lively-discussion about Comcast DNS.


1. Comca$t tried to cheat me by changing the password on an obsolete gateway so I would think they provided a DOCSIS3-unit as listed on the work-order.

2. Tech-support has been variable. Most are quite-sharp, others drink Comca$t Kool-Ade. For instance, was told that no router can do port-forwarding without a static-IP.

2. Called to drop the static-IP, return the rental-gateway, and let me provide my own MODEM. "No."

Any suggestions on how to motivate Comca$t to let me use my equipment would be appreciated. Such as an address where I can send a formal request by registered-mail. Willing to spend the $175 required for Small-Claims Court if that would work.

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