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Review by Mrwirez See Profile

  • Location: Irwin,Westmoreland,PA
  • Cost: $214 per month
Good "Internet Speed, and Reliability"
Bad "HD Digital Picture is horrible compared to OTA Broadcast"
Overall "WAAAY Too Expensive. Did I say"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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FORMER Comcast Triple Play Customer! .....We cut the cord!
We went from $214/month to $59/mth

My wife and I had Comcast Triple Play with a 500 Gigabyte DVR, 3 HD STB's, and 2 digital adapters for years, and we were "OK" paying around $150 to 170/month. After the "introductory-price" would expire, we would call, and Comcast would roll back our prices for being a good customer, and we would take a "small" rate increase. However, on June 08, 2012 I received a bill for $214. This was 2 months after Comcast supposedly locked me into my old Triple Play price again... of $169 then ---> bumped to $183. I checked my bill online and sure enough they were creeping it back up monthly [about $5/month ]This was the second time they did that. We would agree on a price, then they would break the "Deal" and keep sneaking it to what ever they wanted...

Finally the wife and I had had enough... We agreed to go another route, and cancelled Comcast Phone and Cable service. The first thing I did was, I boosted our Internet speed package to 50/10 Mb/s [we actually get 75/12 Mb/s]... for $59/month, including basic cable.

I built an [MClapp] M4 OTA HDTV antenna and mounted it on my roof.

I then bought and installed the following:

-ASUS RT-N66U dual band wireless N router - $175 [No-More $7/month rental]
-Three Roku 2 XS's on sale for - $240 [Also have a PS3 and an X-Box 360]
-PlayOn Lifetime Membership - $40
-PLEX Media Server - $Free and awesome

I tied it all together and we stream what the antenna can't get. I'm in the process of build a Home Theater PC with DVR functionality for our Family room. We haven't looked back at cable or satellite and really don't miss it!!

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