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Review by superfugio See Profile

  • Location: Chesapeake Beach,Calvert,MD
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "service is good"
Bad "technicians are not on time and don't have equipment you ordered"
Overall "cheaper is not always better"
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I ordered a triple play with 1 HD box and a multistream cable card. Original installations was for February 2 between 10-12 technician calls at 830 saying he would be late he was on his first job. I start calling customer service at 1:30 to see where technician is and they say he is on his way. They call back in 30 minutes and technician is still not here. The technician shows up around 2:30 but does not have the cable card that I requested on my order. They can't get me a cable card today but they can do the installation and they schedule to have the cable card installed today between 8-10. I get an automated call at 745 saying I am scheduled from 8-10. Dispatch calls and says that the tech that was supposed to do my install called out and would I be available from 10-12. I was not happy but said yes. 1245 I get another automated call saying I am scheduled from 1-3. I speak to a representative and they say that they will credit me $20.00 and free stars for 3 months. I tell them I would rather have the tech here to do the installation on time! They will send a message to dispatch to check on the status of the technician. I can see why people choose Verizon Fios over Comcast! I wish there was Fios in my neighborhood.!

It is now after 3 and I called back in and I actually got the same rep that I spoke to earlier. Never did recieve the update from the dispatch center. Ronald said that the notes were updated at 244 stating technician was on his way and it would be 10 minutes. It is now 330 and still no technician. I asked him to escalate to a supervisor. Image that the supervisor can't call the dispatch either he has to send a ticket over to that department. We will see if the tech ever shows up.

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