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Review by lmclair See Profile

  • Location: Springfield,Sangamon,IL
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "No outages in 4 years. Very reliable."
Bad "pricing could be lower."
Overall "great speeds and reliable, but you pay for it."
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I left ATT (DSL) 5 years ago and went with Comcast. Started with a 12 month bundle of TV and internet. When that expired, the customer service rep helped me find a good price for the speeds and channels I was looking for. We don't watch much cable TV so we went with the Limited Basic and 30MB internet. The picture quality is good and we are able to stream HD from Netflix and Amazon while surfing the net or playing online games. Overall I've been very satisfied with Comcast. The only thing is, the price has creeped up over the last four years. I'm moving to another state soon and I'll try and transfer my service. Hopefully that goes well.

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