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Review by R32Raines See Profile

  • Location: La Vergne,Rutherford,TN
  • Cost: $121 per month
Good "Reliable and quality product."
Bad "Unreliable and Inconsistent Support"
Overall "If no issues, then good service to have."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

Blast! Internet, Preferred TV, Anyroom DVR + 3 HD Satellites, 1 DTA, 3 Premium Channels, Streampix, and Modem Rental. $109/month + tax/fees.

Comcast provides a reliable internet connection here. Speeds are always stable. TV works fine for what it is. Very rare to have any outage. Solid product. They need to be quicker about implementing new technologies and features, along with being more cutting edge for new products. Anyroom DVR is decent, though I wish it would allow more DVR control from the satellites, such as live tv pause, and scheduling. HD picture quality could be better, and the old guide needs to be modernized instead of looking like it's from the 90s. Also very deceiving on how they charge for DTA's now.

However, tech support and general customer support is unreliable and inconsistent. Level of knowledge and quality of service provided varies significantly from one CSR to the next. It really seems to come down to what the mood of the day is for that person. If you get someone helpful and knowledgeable, then they are excellent in what gets done. Negotiating price really comes down to competition offers and simply asking specifically for a certain product or deal.

Overall I am happy with Comcast. Mostly because of the price I pay compared to the services I have, along with how reliable the product is.
I would rate them as follows:
Product quality - A-
Tech/Customer Support - D+
Overall Experience - B-

I have been with Comcast for 10+ years.

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