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Review by Shinrin See Profile

  • Location: Gadsden,Etowah,AL
  • Cost: $49 per month
Good "Fast and reliable with a 99% uptime"
Bad "Random disconnects and downtime."
Overall "The best speeds for your money over Uverse, and they are about to get better."
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I've been on Comcast since 2004 after seeing how great it was at my brothers old apartment in PA. At the time we we're on Bell South's DSL service and it wasn't that great, It would go out all the time during a rain storm. So for about the price we paid for DSL we doubled our speed at the time to 3 megabit's per second and forgot what the download speed was at the time. The service is up 99% of the time and the only problems we had where the service was out for hours at a time weren't Comcast problems. For Example about 7 years ago, our internet was our for a few hours but it wasn't just effecting Comcast users, it was effecting most of the south east. The other major outage was when there was storm damage due to some early morning severe weather.

We have been on the Performance package for the past 9 years, The price was a bit low at the time for a promo, but has gone up since then. Though we are currently on a promo with them til December and our price is under 50 bucks a month. We we're amazed to download at over 300 KB/s at the time. But now as they have upgraded us about 3 times so far with a 4th one coming soon. The first speed we have seems like Dial up now.

The install process wasn't that bad, of course I was still at college at the time and I just got home as they we're finishing it. I remember the first modem being an RCA modem, but we switched over to the surfboard modem after hearing some problems with the RCA modem. Finally a few years ago we bought our own modem to not have the modem rental fee to save some money and just recently bought a Surfboard 6121 to be up to date if Comcast boost us over the old DOCSIS 2.0 speed limit in the future.

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