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Review by ViPaDawG See Profile

  • Location: Spring,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $56 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Consistent Speeds, Good Rate (for first 6 months)"
Bad "Required Truck Roll after unsuccessful self-install, HD Fee"
Overall "Faster Internet vs U-Verse. After install headaches service is great"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3/22/13: Received upgraded speeds to my Blast! package. Consistently getting 55Mbps+ download, and right around 11Mbps upload. Happy with my service. The combination of my Motorola SB6141 and my Linksys E4200 seem to be working great with the internet speeds.

Moved to the Spring, TX area after living in the Northern VA suburbs for 20 years, where I had been spoiled by FiOS for 6+ years (FiOS Ultimate HD + 35/35 Internet for $120/mo incl. taxes). Switching providers was pretty tough for me. Prior to FiOS, I had Cox internet, which was my first broadband experience, however, after a few years, I had horrible ping times for online gaming, so I switched to FiOS the day it was available.

In my new home, it's serviced by Comcast and ATT U-Verse. Initially, I was ready to board the U-Verse train, however after doing some research (and reading these forums) I found out that all U-Verse traffic goes through the Video unit (not the technical term), but it adds 15-20ms to ping times. That was a significant issue to me, but then it also combined with the (slower) speeds of 24/3 was a turn off as well.

At that point, I began looking at Comcast, and trying to find the best deal. Since I'm moving in phases, Internet was far more important to me than getting the best deal on cable. I ended up doing some research and went with the "Blast! Plus" package, which includes Blast! internet service, as well as Digital Economy TV. That includes some cable channels (No Sports/ESPN) and the Blast! internet service (Currently 35/6 w/ powerboost, but rumors have upgrades to 50/10 coming soon). The promo price for 6 months is $44.95/mo + $10 HD fee (VZ did not charge for this). I ordered over the phone, and the gentleman I spoke to included HBO, Starz, and Showtime for 3 months.

I received the STB (Cisco RNG150 unit) in the mail, along with some cables. I supplied my own modem to avoid the $7/mo fee. I went with a Motorola SB6141, and so far it's been rock solid. I've got that paired with my own Linksys E4200 Router, and the combination works great so far.

Initially, I could not set up either item (turned out to be a deactivated jack). Fortunately, I ended up finding an active jack in the house, so the internet was up, but due to TV placement, I couldn't try the set-top box anywhere else, which required a Truck Roll to have a tech come out and look at it. The set-top box wouldn't even turn on without an active jack, so that's what the issue ended up being. Tech Support couldn't figure this out after multiple calls with them, which ultimately resulted in the truck roll.

The gentleman who came out to troubleshoot the problem was extremely friendly. Turned out that only 1 jack in my house was active and the rest weren't, so he was able to make all the jacks live, so now I have service in all rooms. He also was able to set up the modem and STB on the same jack which is where I originally wanted them. He took time to set everything up and when he left, all was working.

Since I've now had service for several days, here are my impressions. Overall it's pretty good. Internet is reliable. Speeds are consistent. The TV is a bit lacking. The programming guide is not HD, which is a huge change from how it was on Verizon. The Programming guide also has ads built in, which is something that I dont remember on Verizon. Channels change a little faster though, so that's good. I have Xfinity Streampix which lets me stream movies and TV shows (the movies aren't that great), but I was able to stream a few episodes of the Office and the quality was fine. I think I'd still give the nod to Verizon, but overall Comcast video isn't bad.

I'm happy with the service and price so far, but I'll probably have other thoughts once the rates go up in 6 months. I'll also need a wider programming on the TV at that point as well since my entire family will have been moved in.

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