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Review by wchillman See Profile

  • Location: Gig Harbor,Pierce,WA
  • Cost: $50 per month
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Overall "We need competition!"
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We have Comcast’s Performance Starter which is advertised at 6 down and 1 up and have no Comcast cable TV or voice. We have free access to basic HD network TV but never watch it as the commercials make up nearly 1/3 of every viewing hour. I think we have been spoiled by Netflix in this regard...the ability to enjoy commercial free TV has been a welcome change. In fact, I think Comcast should pay us to watch those inane commercials. Republic Wireless is our choice for voice, so no landline or Comcast for that either. As cord-cutters and use the Roku for all of our TV viewing. My only beef with the Roku has been its inability to decode Dolby Digital 5.1 plus. The Performance Starter is more than adequate to stream Netflix and Vudu in HD but I need to say that we are a hardwired single stream household. Some other channels will buffer occasionally but Netflix and Vudu are near perfect. I’ve also noticed that there is a tendency to think that “more is better” when it comes to internet speed but the concept of “good enough” seems to be overlooked. Comcast’s Performance Starter is more than “good enough” for all our TV viewing as well as VOIP and internet use.

Comcast’s installation and customer service has been quite good and I only remember one or maybe two times when their system was down over the years we have had them. My issue has never been with their service…just the price: $49.95/month for a 6/1 speed feels like we are being fleeced. Maybe we could get better prices and speeds if the U.S. Department of Justice initiated an antitrust lawsuit and broke up this monopoly like they did against AT&T in the 1970s.

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Competition is necessary

While I agree that competition is necessary, Comcast is not at fault in this regard. Building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to support telecommunications is not cheap, if it were, you would see a lot more competition out there. Just like you don't see car manufacturers popping up every day, you don't see telecom providers popping up.

If you want to see more competition start at the source, the manufacturers of fiber and network communication equipment, and the content owners such as ESPN and others charging an arm and a leg for their service and requiring it to be on basic tiers of service.

Gig Harbor, WA

Re: Competition is necessary

I overpay these clowns for sub-par speeds while the executives collect their multi-million dollar salaries. Comcast in particular and the cable monopoly in general is at fault. Here is the solution: