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Review by zoso See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Solid high-speed internet product"
Bad "Sneaks modem rental and other fees onto my bill repeatedly when I own modem; customer service is absolutely deplorable"
Overall "Definitely avoid if you have other options. "

Comcast internet is solid. I'm on the 25/5 package for $29.99 intro price for 6 months and $44.95 after. There is no contract.

A good cable modem is $70, so I would never pay Comcast the $7 per month rental fee. This pricing from them is predatory. An uninformed consumer may not realize they do not have to take a modem from Comcast. A cable modem is so easy to connect. There's just no reason to waste money on that fee.

For some reason, although Comcast has been aware since installation that I own a cable modem, they add the rental fee back to my bill every few months. Over the past 8 months, they added it back THREE times. This last time, Comcast added the $7 rental fee plus a $2.99 "Change of Service" fee. I authorized NO CHANGE in service. I use high-speed internet - that's it. Nothing about that one service has changed since the installation. I have called several times, tried web chat several times, and have been pushed in 13 different directions. On web chat, I was told that I have to prove that I own the modem with the receipt. I don't have that anymore. I was then told to fax my modem's info to a fax number that doesn't work. I was told on the phone that it would be fixed only to see the charge again weeks later. I was promised that my issue would be escalated, and someone would call me back. No one called. This was after talking with the RETENTION department. That was Comcast's response to my threat to cancel - on hold for one hour and NO call back!

Sneaking bogus charges onto a client's bill for a "Change of Service" that did not happen, and more importantly, was never AUTHORIZED by the client...how does this company not understand that the FTC would jump all over them for this nonsense.

In summary, avoid Comcast. This is a giant, a monopoly, who treats clients like GARBAGE. I have been a Comcast client in several states for YEARS.

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Avoiding Comcast would be nice but we live in an area that only handle Comcast. I want to dump the rental and buy a Arris TM822 but fear I would pay the price then be told it will not work with Comcast although it is listed in their approved list.
I can see the run around right now, I can call their tech and have them say oh yes it would work. I buy it then try to have them initiate service only for it now to work. Why won't it work well it isn't approved yet? What??? but I was told it would.
I dread going through this process, boy wouldn't it be nice for none of this happened and everything ran smoothly.