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Review by mojojam See Profile

  • Location: Fort Collins,Larimer,CO
  • Cost: $43 per month (month by month)
Good "Solid reliable connection."
Bad "Over priced. Not too many options in my area. "
Overall "Ok for what I can get around here. Decent hardware makes a big difference."
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Connection speed: Economy Plus 3/.768 Mbps $39.95 + $4 wiring protection (dog digs up cable sometime). 3.4/.8 Mbps.

Old Hardware (I buy my own modem): I was using the Motorola SBG6580 which is the cable modem + wifi. It worked well for most of the year then I started having problems with Xbox Live connectivity. I found out I couldn't change the firewall settings in the modem. No port forwarding changes were accepted. Couldn't set DMZ as well as change other settings. It always went back to it's default settings. That was possibly due to a firmware update pushed by Comcast. They checked it out but couldn't do anything about it.

New Hardware: Zoom 5341j. After calling the Comcast tech about initial slow speeds they were able to get it working properly. It's been over a year and is still working great. Way better than the SBG6580. Nothing was hobbled when I updated the firmware. Throughput is very good. Port forwarding worked properly. No problems with Xbox Live connectivity now. I'm using an old linksys 54g with dd-wrt for the wifi.

Since I was having so many problems with the SBG6580 I changed plans from Performance to Economy Plus. The "Economy Plus" speed wasn't listed anywhere on Comcast's site. The slowest speed Comcast showed on their website that I could change to was the Performance Starter at $49.95. I found the Economy Plus mentioned through some forum (may have been this website) which listed the lower speeds they don't advertise. When I switched from Performance speed to Economy Plus it took them over a month to actually lower the speed.

Online games still function pretty well although there is lag sometimes. Definitely more than when I was subscribed to the Performance speed but most of the time it is still playable without lag. Download speeds of websites is tolerable. Streaming music works well. Multiple people viewing video's can cause lag. Uploading lots of photos can be mind numbingly slow so I just use my connection at work to do that.

I'll probably switch back to a higher speed but since I'm not gaming too much right now I'm in no hurry to pay more.

The Economy Plus is good for basic web surfing/streaming video, music, and movies. Movies may not stream well in 1080p though. If you have more than one person that plays online games or watches lots of online movies then I'd recommend a higher speed.

Overall it's the best of the high speed internet that's available around here but that's not saying much since the options are: Comcast cable modem, DSL, Satellite, or use your neighbor's wifi.

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