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Review by nathill See Profile

  • Location: Bloomington,Monroe,IN
  • Cost: $190 per month
Good "Service has been reliable for years"
Bad "FINALLY answered their phone, problem solved (I think)"
Overall "Nothing is easy at XFINITY"
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Value for money:
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XFINITY decided to finally answer their phone.
Kendra did a magnificent job in straightening it all out.
Apparently, somebody had the idea to charge me for the Silicon Dust tuner (Cable Card) as a DVR.
She fixed the problem, and now we're good to go!


Latest story now goes like this. Got my cable card (Silicon Dust) installed one year ago after hours wasted on the phone with Comcast "tech support." I have to admit that it has worked flawlessly ever since.

Now they want to charge me $17.45 for "additional outlet or DTA equipment." I thought cable cards were supposed to be free?

I am trying to figure out what the heck the new charge is for, but they refuse to answer the phone.
I have called XFINITY four times in the last half hour. They promise to call me back in a minute or two, which they do, then they immediately hang up on me.

I HATE $%^&* COMCAST. How can ANYBODY run a business like this?
And they want to merge and get bigger. HELP!

I am not normally a lunatic, but this company has driven me to the point of absolute rage.

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updated 19 days ago


Saratoga, CA

Which number are you calling?

Have you tried calling Comcast dedicated Cable Card activation number instead of regular customer service? If not you should easily be able to find the number with the help of Google.

If these cards are for Tivo's you can also call Tivo support and they will do a 3 way call between them, Comcast and you.

You might also have bad cards. I have activated cable cards an 2 different houses. The first time I decided to pick one up myself but never could get it to activate. I finally had Comcast come out and they had to replace the card. The second house I needed multiple cards so decided to skip the self install and have Comcast do it. The tech brought in a stack of cards and said he usually has to try a few cards to get a working one.

Bloomington, IN

Re: Which number are you calling?

I will try to Google a direct number. My first two calls were to Customer Service, who incorrectly routed me over to video activation, then finally routed me to cable card activation. That took an hour. The cable card guy got it authenticate, but not activate.
I'll let you know how I get along. Sounds like good advice.........

Got through after a mere 18 minute wait. Got in touch with a really nice lady, and I THINK we're good to go.
total time invested almost two hours. How hard would it be for Comcast to have a phone system that gives you options instead of making you wade through person after person to end up where you need to be? Is it the consumer's job to find the direct number for cable card activation?
My original position still stands.
Comcast assigns NO value to my time.

I must admit, your advice was great. Should not have been necessary, but it was great.