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Review by political_i See Profile

  • Location: Bremerton,Kitsap,WA
  • Cost: $153 per month
Good "Consistent speed, good tech support when needed, efficient tech visit"
Bad "Pricey, HD service stinks"
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We have been with Comcast since the good old days of 3 mbps cable Internet was available. We have stuck with a package of Digital Starter with 2 HD boxes and 1 regular converter and Performance Internet which performs at 15/2 instead of the advertised 20/4. The main issue we have had is the HD was good back in the summer, but now it is beginning to pixelate again and we are considering switching to DirecTV due to their crystal clear HD. While service has been consistent, the bill continues to climb due to the lack of competition in the marketplace. I am not sure given our house was wired in the 1960s if that is playing a part in our cable not doing so well for TV. In the next few months, negotiations will probably occur to negotiate a better price.

7/20/14: We had our modem go down last night. Tried a roll and reprovision a few times, didn't help. Had a tech the next morning swap it for a good one and a new remote. Will probably try to negotiate a credit since it was a rented modem. Tech checked the line, was able to acquire signals, just swapped modem. Double checked the inside splitter. Swapped a remote too.

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Freeport, IL

my comcast likes dislikes and history

i have been with Comcast forever two

unlike dish and other bashing commercials they haven't raised what we get charged all that much from the start

there modems and speed rock solid

the new internet phone clear and reliable

but when the switch from old grey box to the black box with bigger hard drive

our recordings acted up playback fast forward all that

did the same with pause but wasn't a horrible throw you out issue

they always nice tried to help sent tecs

now we became guinea pigs for the x series boxes

positive crap i have yet to have a recording and watch at same time conflict

and my wife has it packed full or scheduled recordings

like most new it has glitches

it has a familer fast rewind problems

and there getting it better in the beginning it would lock up on music choice a heck of a time getting out of it

but they are always upgrading the firmware and seems to be getting better with each of them

i like dish channel line up more dish its all channels sorry sports fans i hate sports

and i hate a company forcing me to have them and taking all my channels up with them

and since before the x series customer service has gone down the toilet

call 10 times get ten answers get offers that are wrong etc it got so bad i had a cooperate connection i always had to bother

last i tried home security wow to much to post of horrible install etc

then to find out the camera i just got is useless i dont have a monitor to watch i told them i wanted

there security web site is made by a toddler

you can only record every 5 min yes it waits five mins in between recording

and like 15 sec so you get car car gone magic

hey my wife is getting out theres car wife gone

a joke thats not security thats cops laughing at us

i tried 100 programs to take control Comcast wont allow

thats the last issue i was told yea i get rid of Comcast it will work uhh it needs a hub its impossible to put recording software on it

just avoid home security a example of Comcast moving to fast