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Review by train_wreck See Profile

  • Location: Antioch,Davidson,TN
  • Cost: $240 per month (36 month contract)
Good "*BUSINESS CLASS* Quite reliable service over the past 2 years (internet only)"
Bad "If you DO have any issues/requests, good luck - numerous botches/cancelled appts."
Overall "Wish they weren't only game in town here, but could be worse."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This review concerns internet service exclusively. I upgraded to business class service from residential Comcast, for which I had been a customer for many years. In the early days, Comcast was notoriously unreliable; service would be down/slow at least once a month, sometimes more often. Over time, particularly since ~2008 or so, they've much improved in that respect. Speeds were mostly consistent on residential, with occasional outages that always affected the whole area around where I live. Switched to business because Comcast started charging overages in my area, and my residence would be considered an "excessive" data user - a house full of "cord cutters". Also I wanted a static IP for email serving purposes.

The original salesman I dealt with was pleasant, but gave me some bogus information; when I learned that all static IP customers MUST rent a special modem from Comcast, I had second thoughts about the static and told him that, for now, i'll just go with a dynamic and use my previous SB6121 modem. He then said that Comcast would be removing the requirement of renting a modem for static IPs, and that that would happen "soon". So I figured alright, i'll go ahead and get the static and wait whatever length of time that would be. This conversation happened 18 months ago, and from what it seems that was a lie; as far as I know, there have not and will not be any plans to drop such a requirement. He also said that my area would get an upgrade to 150mbps down within a year (this was ~2012). We didn't, we only got 100mbps. So that kinda stinks.

Initial install was fine, and service was great for over a year. I then moved to a new house. From the initial call, I was told that it would take approximately 5-7 days for the changeover to process, and that I would get a call when it was ready. I got no calls for 9 days. Called back, and immediately the CSR processed it and setup an appointment for 2 days from then. On that day, they call and tell me they can't make it that day. They finally do come, and get things set up at the new place - the tech ran new line and put no splitters in, giving a direct line from the tap to the modem.

I then upgraded from 50/10 to 100/20. Called, they pushed a new config file, and said within a half hour I would see the speeds. I didn't. Called back, they re-pushed it and it took that time.

I then had them change my reverse DNS for the static IP. My domain ends in ".co", and they registered it for ".com". Had to call back to get that fixed.

I then upgraded to 5 statics. This took about a week, and involved a tech coming out. I had them change the reverse DNS for these new statics, and they made the same mistake again, registering them for ".com"

Our modem then went out entirely, failing to acquire DS or US signal. They sent a tech out, but he was a residential tech and couldn't set up the replacement business class modem. They sent someone else out the next day who got it going.

Finally, last month I got a call from a collections agency, saying I owed $24.35 from the final month of residential service I'd had almost 2 years ago. This money was absolutely paid at the time of switchover, and multiple phone reps assured me that nothing more was owed and that the residential account was closed. Called Comcast, they admitted the error and credited me back the $24.35.

So it seems that tech support is somewhat problematic if you do need/want anything to be changed or added to the service. While the actual internet service has been very reliable outside of the 1 failed modem (we've transferred many many terabytes over our connection since getting it), they managed to screw up the majority of changes we've made to the service. For all its faults, the Comcast internet service has been issue-free, but the HR interactions should be considered before going with them, if you are lucky enough to have a choice.

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