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Review by Madtown See Profile

  • Location: Madera,Madera,CA
  • Cost: $67 per month
Good "Fast speed"
Bad "Can't think of any."
Overall "Great internet speed, Comcast is the best. "
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I had DSL with at&t from 2004-2012, started with 324kbps for download speed, at&t got upgraded my speed to 3mbps, (actual speed was 2.70 mbps). I was waiting for U-verse to be available in my neighborhood since 2006 when I 1st heard about it, at&t would not offer anything faster than 3 mbps, so in 2012, I got tired of waiting for faster speed and I was checking out the Comcast site, and decided I should jump ship so I did. I need faster speed so I can watch videos in HD and 3 mbps wasn't enough for that. U-verse wasn't available at the time I switch over to Comcast and I needed faster speed, when I switch over to Comcast I got 16 mbps and a year later upgraded to 25 mbps, (actual speed 28 mbps) and I am very happy with Comcast. U-verse became available a few month later after switching to Comcast, but Comcast been more reliable and I'm not going back. Comcast is what I recommend everyone to get. I get faster speed than what I'm paying for, and it's a very good ISP.

The install was good, installer came in, did a good job of hooking it up.

Performance and it was at 16 mbps at $30 1st 6th months after that $64.95 but now it's $66.95 Now it's 25 mbps.

I pay for my own modem and router. SB6121 for Modem and Netgear 3700 for router.

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