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Review by why60loss See Profile

  • Location: Madison Heights,Amherst,VA
  • Cost: $130 per month
Good "Free install, really fast speeds. Blast speed bump now free, hasn't stopped working yet. Now getting 120/11.5"
Bad "Took 6 months before I got the speeds as listed on the web"
Overall "Fiber would be better, but blows all other cable out of the water"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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They did a really hard install for free, took over 5 hours but they didn't quit nor slow down. I was impressed that they still did it for free. They had to run 1000+ foot of new cable, drill holes in the walls because the home never had cable. Had to snake cable though the basement and more. This was a home far out in the sticks out side the city limits.

No useage caps at this time, cheep high speed internet. Upload speeds that blow my mind, far better than Time warner cable.

Never had had an outage or an issue that needed tech support, this is how TV/Internet should be like. Works when you need it every time and doesn't feel like it holds you back.

Only had it for a month and a few weeks. So may update later.


They jacked the bill by 20 dollars a month and I haven't gotten anymore than 35/6.5 over the past few months on the blast tier. Was told by tech support that 20mbs to 50mbs download and 5mbs to 10mbs was with in spec for blast. I think it's stupid that they think it's okay for the speed to drop to 25mbs download where the next lowest tier sits.

Downsteam power levels range from -11 to -13dbm and upsteam from 50 to 52dbm. A tech should come over in the next few days to look at it.


The cable plant in the area is to old to support 50/10 and the bandwith is just not there. Now the blast speed bump is free and 6 months of HBO was also thrown in. Bill is more like 120 a month now.

Power levels are better now, downstream power levels range from -8 to -10dbm and upstream from 48 to 49dbm. Also the line on the power poles leading to the house is getting replaced.

36/6 for the same cost as 25/5 is not bad, so even though it is disappointing I guess this being a out in the sticks area this is not bad. Time warner cable was 140 a month and I only got 30/5 speed at most.

Update3: 4/3/2014

It's been two weeks and the power levels seem to be at -10dbm to even -11dbm most of the time. Still only getting a max of 36/6.5 with drops in speed below that at random times.


The web site says blast now should be 105/10, now I am only getting 1/3 of the right download speed at any time of the day. Really kind of disappointing, though its not nearly as bad as getting 1/3 of 15mbs download like I had at time warner cable.

They tried to bill 40 dollars for the tech visit, that's really low. At lest they removed it with out debate unlike one other cable ISP I know that thinks 60% packet loss and 100 dollars for a tech visit is "just cable".

At lest there hasn't been an outage so they still keep full points for that.

Update 4: 6/20/2014

The web page still list 105 for blast yet only getting 36mbs download at best and the upload is still 6.5mbs.

Tech support really seems to have no idea what is what like out of 5 or so:

1) One told me that blast is 50mbs

2) One other one said blast is 10 to 105mbs download.

3) One said that blast is 25/4 and extreme is 105

4) Then one said that blast is 35mbs

5) Then one said it's 50mbs

Speed test: [IMG]»stage.results.speedtest.comcast.···ng[/IMG]

Screen shot of blast listing:

Got a new modem at the Comcast office in a near by city, was told I would get what I get when I asked for a 8x4 channel modem. I did end up getting a new 8x4 modem but that was kind of rude. Power levels are better now after doing that, I think the old modem was cutting it too close with -14 dbm on the down streams.

Still good speeds for the money VS time warner cable and still a non enforced cap with good pricing. Well and blast is free so that helps.

Update 5: Netcool said the head end was the bottle neck and that it would be upgraded on the 25th. Rebooted the modem at 2am and bam: »www.speedtest.net/result/3584548798.png

I get around 100mbs down and 11.5mbs up on wifi. Very impressed so far. Ran a hardwire test get 120 down and 11.5 up.

I am sure if I do a hardwire test it will pass 100mbs, but even if now this is the bomb. Really don't think I need any faster for now. It's just insane internet speed for me, never had a 100mbs down connection before with almost 12mbs upload. Edit: It did 120 on hardwire, so I was right thinking the Wi-Fi was the bottle neck.

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Comcast in Wake Forest?

You have Comcast in Wake Forest?


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Re: Comcast in Wake Forest?

sorry about that mistake. I input the wrong zip code due to being so used to being in wake forest. I wish I had Comcast when I lived in wake forest. It would have likely saved me from thinking steam is a scam and that the internet was still in pre-beta.

Avondale, AZ

Downstream power is a bit low

Your downstream power is a bit low. They might need to install a broadband cable amp. Similar this this one.


Here is a quick guide to let you know what are consider good cable modem signal strengths.

Downstream Power (-15dbmV to +15dbmV)
Most modems are rated from -15dB to +15dB,

--->>> "however it's best to have it between +8dB and -8dB. Anything less or more than that and you may have quality issues. You can remove splitters on the line if you need to raise and clean up your signal level a bit."

Upstream Power (37dbmV to 55dbmV)
The lower this number is, the better. Above 55dB will most probably cause problems, over 57dB and you probably won't be able to connect.

Signal/Noise Ratio (>30dB)
SNR is best over 30, (the higher the better, might work well with as low as 25 at times). Anything less than 25 will cause dropped connections, packet loss, slow transfers, etc.




No show for set-up

Comcast was scheduled to set up Internet and cable tv. When they didn't show up as promised, I called the toll free number, was connected to someone I could not understand and was disconnected. Called another toll free number and was on hold for 45 minutes only to be told that a serviceman did arrive at 1:21 pm but nobody was home. What a lie! There were six of us waiting for them. They claimed they knocked on a building with a brown door, (ours is gray) and nobody answered! They also had the wrong phone number and didn't even try to obtain the correct number. Unfortunately they're the only service in this area so we are at their mercy:(


Purcellville, VA
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Your local cable plant...

I am wondering where the upgrades need to be done. I checked FCC COALS to look up the Comcast system in your county, and it is a 750mhz system with an avg of about 100 people per node. Thats more than enough bandwidth to handle 50mbit Blast.

The problem must be up at the head end....interesting.

Keep us updated.


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Re: Your local cable plant...

said by Zenit:

I am wondering where the upgrades need to be done. I checked FCC COALS to look up the Comcast system in your county, and it is a 750mhz system with an avg of about 100 people per node. Thats more than enough bandwidth to handle 50mbit Blast.

The problem must be up at the head end....interesting.

Keep us updated.

Yes I was told by the user netcool that the head end was going to be upgraded on the 25th and it was. Modem reboot and boom 95/11.5