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Review by iNick See Profile

  • Location: Joliet,Will,IL
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fair Price for what you get."
Bad "Customer Service is awful they upgrade certain people speeds....."
Overall "Go with Comcast if it the only thing you have or else go somewhere else."

Oh My Comcast. what we been through I went through hell for a full year trying to get a Modem & a Router from Comcast after the one comcast gave us died after a year or so. But nope you get this crappy gateway, So I put it in bridge mode like a year later after figuring out I could do that then bought a decent NETGEAR Router. I always been using NETGEAR routers :P. I notice people were saying an EMTA is better then bridge mode on a gateway so I spent another year trying to get one so I finally did and it was an older TM722G so I tried it on my EXTREME 105 Plan and it was AWESOME no LAG when gaming no more Internet going out. It's just WORK! how often do you hear that from a customer? lol. So then we decided to move and my dumbass dad returned everything we were the first in the Chicagoland area to get the X1 back in August of 2013 so when we moved in October same year we went with Dish (I'll be switching back when I can). We moved from the same area just to the west side so no differences there just was a BIT** to get another EMTA so I finally said F*CK it and bought an TM822G 8x4 verus the TM722G 4x4 online with a newer NETGEAR Router. So now I don't pay no monthly Modem fees or Router fees my internet just works so does voice & when they upgrade me to Extreme 150 I'll be even more happy

Update: June 28th 2014

Comcast, Has gave me an amazing offered on Blast! with Voice for $50 a full year and I couldn't resist it as I was paying $100 more a month just for double the download and upload speed.

I was also promised a free upgrade to Extreme 105 which hasn't happened yet, Which I hope they honor even if they don't tho just $50 a month for 50Mb/s Down & 10Mb/s Up with Voice from

Comcast is a awesome deal! I see some people getting Blast! for $60 and thinking it an awesome deal. I'll be sure to update this often if or I do get Extreme 105 for the same price as I was promised it.

Update: Feb 10 2015

I Currently pay $65 total for Extreme 105 with Telephone Service from Comcast. I currently own my own EMTA Modem and a nice router. No problems at all with Comcast.

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