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Review by Beck38 See Profile

  • Location: Mukilteo,Snohomish,WA
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $125 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Going on 4+ years fine, but ZERO competition"

When I retired some 12 years ago, I moved out of an area that was controlled by a 'neighborhood association' that didn't allow any antennas (OTA OR Satellite) by deed restrictions (which were upheld by the state Atty. Gen.), although I had managed to 'hide' my DirecTV dishes. So first thing on the list, move out to somewhere close but without such restrictions.

The order and install for business-class was smooth, the house I bought hadn't had cable service for at least a decade, and they ran a new drop and internal RG6 cable right to my 'home office'.

Just a couple years later, Verizon FIOS was installed in my old neighborhood, but the cul-de-sac I had moved to one mile away (with virtually every house having OTA and DirecTV) was 'skipped' by Verizon (yes, fiber is right at the entrance to our street!) and the 'agreement' binding on Frontier (the 'new' telco now that Verizon has left the Pacific Northwest) stops them from building out into 'Comcast' areas.

So, I'm 'stuck'. Service, except for the approximately yearly swap out of the 'business class' modem, and the bi-weekly overnight service interruptions (they seem to be hard at work preparing for DOCSIS3.1)has been minimal, and the 20% or so speed increases over the 4+ years, but with (of course) cost increases at 20% over those years ($99 to $120) is something that I've had to live with.

Pricing is officially, with the next increase due next month, to right at double FIOS for half the speed (no cap as I am on Business Class). BUT, this part of Washington State has no muni fiber, unlike the eastern part of the state (built by the PUD, Public Utility District or power provider) or Tacoma (there City Light built it).

The 'base' connections are 100Mb/s full duplex for $60/month, or half the cost of Comcast at 5-10 times the speed, and the same cost as FIOS (if I could get it) but 3-6 times their speed (FIOS is at 15/35). And, for 'business class', full gigabit (up/down) just like Google for under $100/month.

So I have a choice; try to find a FIOS place to move to, or take the big plunge and move to Wenachee, Moses Lake, or wherever east. Since Frontier FIOS hasn't kept up with the speeds of Verizon 'back east', I think my choice has been made for me.

Comcast has been just fine, can't complain at all about the service, it's simply too expensive (for what you get) in the long run.

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I know of no agreement that prevents a buildout into Comcast footprint by Frontier. Typically VZ weighed the potential payback when considering a FIOS build - lots of density and good demographics. So large class A or B apartment complexes (MDUs) first; large new build MDUs; middle to upper class SFUs. Legally such an agreement, if it existed, would not be enforceable. Frontier is the incumbent local phone provider (ILEC) so not much can stop them unless the owner of the property in question does not want it (the trenching, digging, retrofit of units, etc.).