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Review by nunya See Profile

  • Location: O Fallon,Saint Charles,MO
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Good speeds. Not much else."
Bad "Foreign Tech / Cust. service - hard to understand, install fee, expensive"
Overall "Charter's new management is wrecking the company."
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I ordered the 10/1 package bundled with video services. This is not my first dance with Charter. We've had a very tumultuous relationship for the last 18 years (I actually used to work there many, many moons ago). I requested a "Pole Only" installation this time due to various quality problems with installs in the past.

I supplied my own Motorola SB6120 rather than rent. When I called to get the modem activated, I had a very difficult time understanding the fellow on the other end. He kept wanting to schedule a tech appointment. I finally got everything going via Charters online services.

The speeds I'm receiving are near +/- the advertised speeds. Ping times seem to be a little longer than my DSL service, but shouldn't affect VoIP. This is day 1, so I will update later.


Update: I got my first bill and it wasn't as described on the phone. I was also told by other members that 10/1 is actually 10/2 now. So I posted in the "Charter Direct" forum (just regarding the speed) and received an almost instant response. It looks like everything is squared away. I bumped my "Tech support" rating up to *3* from a *1* based solely on the Charter support made available through this site.


Update: 3/7/11

It was about the time for my bill to magically increase after a one year term. I was able to post on Charter Direct here on BBR and get fixed back to a similar price point. No calling and waiting on hold to reach the right department. No trying to decipher foreign tech support.

For Charter having this tool available on BBR, I have raised my "tech support" rating.


Update 12/06/11

Got an upload increase. Speeds are good. I've had 2 major outages this year that were due to hardware failures in the OSP, one lasting 24 hours. The only major complaint I have with Charter at this time is their usage caps.



Earlier this year, I canceled the TV portion of the service and upgraded to 100/5 for $60/mo. The only reason I went with the 100/5 package is because of the usage caps. Otherwise 30 would have been fine for me. I'm very disappointed in Charters new pricing system and modem policy (I own my own modem and like it that way). From what I can gather, My bill will be increasing to around $100 / mo. when my term expires. I also understand that there is no longer any pricing flexibility for existing customers, so it looks like I'll have to consider different options in the near future.

I have had several outages since my last update. Some only lasting minutes, others lasting hours. One was caused by a contract installer working on the neighbors house.


Update 3/16/13

Last month, Charter arbitrarily raised my bill 1/2 way through our agreement. I decided to downgrade to the 30/4 plan. It's quite clear that Charter is essentially "chasing" customers off of the 100/5 plan by any means they see fit to use. I'm very disappointed in the ways Charter has changed since coming under new management.

I'm taking away stars for connection reliability, tech support, and value. Since Charter decided to eradicate all forms of tech support except call-in, they don't deserve a decent rating. The service is losing value as well.


Update 5/13/14

Taking away a star for value since Charter is now charging $55 for basic internet service. They've done nothing to try and add value to the service in exchange for across the board price increases.


Update 12/27/14

Yet another price increase from Charter. It seems like semi-annual price increases are the norm for this company. Now at $60 / month, a 20% price increase in less than a year.


Update 02/12/15

Charter internet service has peen plagued with local outages recently. It seems to be something up the road at the MUX. I always see them there when it goes down. I had a 6 hour outage earlier this week and a 1 hour outage last night. For $60, their reliability should be much better.

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you didn't mention...

Your price will only increase for one of two reasons, you agree to a plan change, or your contract states a price increase which happens at the 12 & 24 month marks. You also didn't mention that between May and Decembers post where you talk about a 20% price increase that your internet went from 30Mbps d/l (from your post) to a 100 Mbps d/l (from your speed test). Seems likecyou got some value for the price increase.



Re: you didn't mention...

That is not correct. There was an annual price hike for internet services for 2015. So if he wasn't on a promo then yes his price did increase.

After being with Charter for 17+ years, I just about know when the annual increase is coming before ever getting any letter or anything.

It's a given that it's coming every year though.

Can't wait for them to start charging for modem's again and start adding the below the line charges like there's no tomorrow. You KNOW that's coming also!
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Farmington, MO

Re: you didn't mention...

I have business his fir 5 years and have 6 drops they always remain at 65 for 100/5 and a extra 20 for 8 block ips, though they told me any new ip blocks are 25$ now so no business don't change it must be something in the residential contracts, I always get English ppl when I call and fixed with in a hour in stl market in affton its extremely stable