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Review by PsychoSy See Profile

  • Location: Monroe,Monroe,MI
  • Cost: $30 per month (3 month contract)
  • Install: about 34 days
Good "Leaves the phone line open."
Bad "Insane slow speed and latency between Noon and Midnight!!!"
Overall "If you burn the midnight oil, get it. If not, stick with dial-up!!"
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Connection Reliability:
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Ordered this December 1, 2000. They came and installed it on the 30th but it didn't work until Jan. 3rd due to a tap failure at the end of my driveway (which didn't get fixed until I became a squeaky wheel). Their installation technicians, for the most part, must have been trained using manuals instead of actual field experiance. The guy that did mine sat in my chair and twiddled the mouse for long moments as if lost in a trance. Totally gone! Baked! Dial-Tone!! *bzzzzzzzzzz* In the ozone layer of muddled thoughts!! It was as if he didn't know where he was and what he was doing.

For the first month, GREAT!! Never had problems. I ordered the 256/128 package and for the first month, my speed tests here were usually 190/112, which is pretty good.

However, for the past 3-4 weeks, Charter's service is not the "pipeline" it's supposed to be. It has been more like a coffee stiring-straw!! If you still have a login and password to a free dial-up ISP, by all means, USE IT. Charter's cable service will be comparible to a V.90 connection between Noon and Midnight. After Midnight, speed might slowly improve. My tests here over the past few weeks have have been as low as 21/90 but they've never gotten higher than 154 down. Strangely, my upload speed has been in the 90-145 range (I thought Charter capped upload at 128?!?).

I've live in the Monroe, MI area and I'm not surprised that there's a few Monroe folks here with simular experiances. This prompted me to recently write a letter to "The Monroe Evening News" regarding Charter's ridiculous service and their editors have reservations on whether or not to print it because it deals more on the level of "consumer complaints" than a "community issue" (but they have no reservations on publishing a Front Page "consumer complaint" regarding a rich family up in arms over the golf course they built their house on is being turned into a modular trailer park!!). So, Monroe residents have no place to turn to air their grievances with Charter because our newspaper thinks a rich family watching their property value going down is a much more important "community issue" than the possible hundreds of dollars Charter bilks from Monroe area residents each month for downright unacceptable cable internet service. Ooookay....

UPDATE: Oh what a long 12.5 years it's been! Well, lets just say they eventually solved all the problems detailed above. But over the 12.5 years, I had busted Charter engaging in "cramming and slamming" when they changed their billing policy and it took a promise to drive to WTOL and WJBK's offices with all the cashed and returned checks in my fist to make 'em back off. And then during the wee hours of the morning when that F3 tornado hit Dundee, I watched the red crawl on TWC suddenly get purged off the TV for 90 seconds worth of local ads then the red crawl came back mid-sentence -- a practice that has being going on for the last 12.5 years, too. That's when I concluded somebody (and their family) is gonna get killed relying on Charter running ads on TWC during severe weather ... and it wasn't gonna be mine!

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What is cramming and slamming? Never heard of that. Also, your internet is fine? But it's TV programming you complain about here?

Monroe, MI

Re: Huh!

You never heard of "cramming" and "slamming"? Try some serious Google-Fu - they're the oldest tricks in the telecommunications industry -- especially among debt-riddled companies whose business model is built upon pure unadulterated fraud first; delivery of a service dead last (if at all) -- and one of the many reasons why the Reagan Administration carved the original AT&T up into tiny pieces ...

The way Charter practiced it was simple: their original billing method was customer paid for the PREVIOUS month of service. As a result, the billing statement and the due date would be consistent every month. In my case, it was $114 a month for the trifecta - cable, net, and phone. Easy for people on fixed income to pay the bill since the due date was always after most people's SSI, Social Security, and/or Workman's comp checks either arrived by snail mail or direct deposited into their checking accounts ...

Then they changed their billing method to where customers paid for the CURRENT month of service within days of receipt of the bill, and over night not only did my bill double (i.e. $114 for the previous month; another $114 for the forthcoming month), Charter expected to paid IN FULL or face service disruption and/ or disconnection. They instantly became a nightmare to anyone on fixed income. Well, they got paid in full (I'll spare passing readers from how much lederhosen I went through hooking myself out) but well after their "due date" -- always deliberately chosen before the 1st week of a given month. Charter simply wanted to manufacture out of thin air a cache of "delinquents" within its own subscriber base so they could turn around, disrupt or disconnect the service, and then "slam" them with that $30-$50 service reinstatement fees. A tactic straight out of the AT&T playbook circa 1983 ...

But it's TV programming you complain about here?
Completely false assertion ...

Purging a "Tornado Warning" red crawl off TWC for ads for Herkimer Radio, Comcast, and Tiffany's Pizza is not an issue with "programming" -- its pure unadulterated dereliction of public service and most definitely a breach of their contract with not only the TWC, but with various cities and townships across the freaking nation for the last 13 years they've been doing it ...

Does Charter honestly believe the people of Dundee (and the rest of Monroe County, for that matter) is gonna give a fat rat's hide about unlimited cell phone data plans, Charter's competitor, or a $5 pizza at 3AM when the sirens go off?!? I live just 10 miles east of Dundee, and when I saw that "Tornado Warning" red crawl disappear, I had to wait for Windows to load up just to go to NOAA Detroit to not only read the rest of the warning, but find out it was barreling east between M-50 and the River Raisin. Translation: heading straight for me. The process left me with only seconds to hit the basement before the power went out ...

Saddest thing is nothing is gonna change unless I hit the lotto, purchase the Tiffany's Pizza chain (nobody would get fired), and the NEXT time it happens, hold a press conference explaining why I pulled my ads off Charter to their utter embarrassment. Then again, considering America's ongoing Stasi-like witch hunt on whistleblowers, I'd probably end up running Tiffany's from the basement of an embassy in a country without an extradition treaty, and hope like hell I still got enough hay to put Jeffery Fieger on retainer ...