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Review by sgarrand See Profile

  • Location: West Brookfield,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Very reliable, no major issues."
Bad "Occasional hiccups that don't last too long."
Overall "It just works. It's fast and it keeps getting faster for free!"
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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** Update on 12/19/11 **
My 16 Mbps/2 Mbps service that was previously increased to 18/2 was recently upgraded to 30/4 at no additional cost. In the time since I've updated this review, my speeds have almost exactly doubled for no extra money. It is still very reliable as well. I now work in the IT field, almost 3 years removed from my employment with Charter.

** Update on 11/29/10 **
It's been a long while since I've worked for them and my internet has been very reliable. I know Charter is not the best in all areas but in my small town it works well. The speed (16 Mbps) for the price ($50 with basic, promotion) is good. I have no real complaints as of right now. I'll update this if anything changes.

** Update on 1/27/09 **
As of 1/14/09 I no longer work for Charter. I am keeping them for internet but getting DirecTV for TV. The cost is high and always increasing but there is no other choice for broadband in my part of town.

***LATEST UPDATE - 5/14/08***
I still work there and now get 10 Mbps for free. Still solid and if it wasn't I'd be the one fixing it.

**UPDATE: 11/06/06**
Just got a call from the employee account rep and my town still has 10 Mbps available so I just got it. I'm getting 1072/976 right now. It seems a little snappier but that could just be me thinking that.

**UPDATE: 11/05/06**
No issues at all with my connection. Granted, I am a tech so if I have problems I can troubleshoot them. I can speak for the reliability in my area because I'm the one going to houses to fix things. We have no issues at the moment in Central MA that I'm aware of. They just recently suspended availability of 10 Mbps service so they could catch up with capacity, so I was not able to get it. Hopefully someday soon!

**UPDATE: 2/21/06**
I have been working for Charter for over 7 months now and just got service at my new address. It has been working great. Low pings, 4700/470 on my 5000/512 line. This is a biased review because I am an employee. I couldn't "de-select" all fields so I put them all in the middle. Just wanted to update this old review from 2001-2002.

*Update: 8/13/02* - Well.. I've had service for over a year and other than an outage for 5 hours on Friday night it's been okay. It's been so good that up until Friday I didn't have a 56K modem in my computer. I put one in because I was impatient, but it all got fixed and works fine. It was just some random RF problems. I have a 1.5/256 package as far as everyone tells me but I get from 1440 to 1500 K or more down and 740 to 750 K up. Nothing really to report except it appears I live in a nice little pocket where no one uses cable internet. I pay $80 for this and digital cable. Digital cable alone costs around $50, so I think it's a good deal. That's about it. If you live in a good area, you'll like Charter. It's different depending on where you are.


I reviewed it right after I had it installed a while ago and now I have more to say. I've had it for about 7 months and I love it. I was stuck at 512/128 for a while, but now they have more choices and I upgraded to 1.5/256. The customer/tech support are great. Very friendly and wait times aren't too long. I steadily get speeds of 1430/730 even during peak times, and very low pings. I'm not a Charter employee, I just get great service. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe no one in my area has their service, I really don't know or care. They even said their working on improving my area. I don't see why?

Overall, I'd recommend them if you live in Chicopee, MA, but I can't speak for their service in other states. Your area might be good, and it might not be, good luck.


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