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Review by jopfef See Profile

  • Location: Saint Louis,Saint Louis,MO
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Awesome internet speed, and it's rock solid."
Bad "Dropped the TV service after the TV died...."
Overall "Can't beat the speed!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

2-3-15: I'm still living in my little house in the woods, and I still have Charter. I'm still enjoying the blazing 100 megs in download speed, and griping about the miserable 5 megs in upload speed; Charter really does need to do something about their upload speeds. The download speed is still awesome, and I've noticed an improvement in speed, albeit a slight one, since I upgraded to a Cisco Linksys EA6300 router. Works like a charm with the Cisco modem from Charter; I don't like to mix equipment manufacturers, so Charter has continued to provide a Cisco modem as needed. Mother Nature has managed to zap two Cisco modems during summer storms over the last several years; I now unplug everything when I hear the first roll of thunder. Better safe than sorry!

Still no TV service, and no plans to bring it back. I thought the TV had died and dropped the TV service. Just for a lark, I turned it on one day last year, and discovered that it wasn't the TV that had died, but the Charter cable box! And that's when I switched over to using a Roku box with my Amazon Prime account. Still doing that today, on the rare occasions that I actually turn on the TV. I prefer to just stream my cop shows online; as long as I can get those, I'm happy. *grin*


5-1-14: I'm still living in my little house in the woods, and still have Charter -- but internet service only now. I couldn't continue to justify the increasing cost of the TV service, so dropped it in favor of a Roku HD box to use with my Amazon Prime account. (And yes, the internet service went way up in price, for just having a single service.) I now stream my cop shows via the internet, so haven't really lost out on anything. Planning on purchasing an OTA antenna next month, so that I can pick up the local channels for the news and weather. I still have great internet speeds, and I do NOT miss paying the huge Charter TV bill every month. Unless something really drastic happens, I will probably never sign up for TV service again; it's just a waste of money for me, since I'm not a big TV watcher.


9-20-13: Yes, I still live in my little house in the woods, and I still have my Charter services. I'm on a fixed income now, so dropped the 100 megs for the internet to the 30megs; funny part was that I didn't see that big a change, but it saved me a boatload of money! TV is still just the Select service; all I ever watch are my cop shows, so it's not worth paying for anything else. No DVR box, just an HD box. I don't ever have any problems with internet speed; I have the tap in my back yard, and usually run at 40-45 megs. *grin* Sometimes there is pixelating on the TV, but not any internet issues. Still happy with my services, but am seriously considering trying an antenna and going OTA; not sure it will work with all the trees around here -- but I am on the top of a hill. That remains to be seen on trying it; it would save some money, but the increase in price for just internet makes me think it might not be worth it.

AT&T has been sending me a bunch of literature in the mail lately, but I'm not interested at all. They don't even come close to the internet speed that Charter provides, so I'm not changing.


2-10-2013: I still live in my little house in the woods, and still have my Charter services. Unfortunately, I'm retired now, so have to shell out for Charter, so that's a bite in the butt; services are NOT cheap. I'm spoiled with the 100 megs for the internet so will continue to pay for it, but dropped my TV down to just the Select service; all I ever watch are my cop shows, so it's not worth paying for anything else. Also got rid of the DVR box and now have just an HD box; no sense in paying for those services either. Had yet another round with the bad signals a couple of weeks ago, along with pixelating on the TV. A Charter tech working outside informed me that there was an issue with all the wiring up here on the hill. Took them all day, but they have the problem resolved now, and all is well again.


7-15-2012: Still living in my little house in the woods, and still have my Charter services. Still running at 100 megs, although the squirrels did finally do in the line running down the pole a couple of weeks ago. A wonderful tech named Danny came out and replaced the line, it's buried to the house once again, and my service is back running at blasting speeds again! Just internet and TV, as usual, and I've actually watched TV a little bit more lately. With the Olympics about to debut, I know I'll have the TV on alot more while that's going on, particularly the Equestrian part. Looking forward to kicking back and watching things in London! Very happy with my Charter services!


12-7-2011: Pearl Harbor Day! 70 years ago, this year. Wow.... No change in the housing situation, and still no change in my Charter services. Just internet and TV, and am happy with both, even though I don't turn on the TV that often. I've had a running battle with the squirrels this year though! Four tech visits this year so far, due to the little buggers chewing the line where it runs down the pole and gets buried to the house. Too bad I can't discharge a weapon within the county limits! I gave myself a birthday present this year and upgraded to the 60 megs -- WOW!!! And then, unbeknownst to me, down the pike came the upgrades, so I'm blasting along at 100 megs now!!! Speedtest from from the head end has me at 98 megs, and Speedtest dot net has me at 89.7 megs -- can't beat that with a big stick! *grin* Very happy with my Charter internet, and my TV, on the rare occasions that I turn it on.


3-9-2011: No change in the housing situation, and no change in my Charter services. Still have the internet and TV services, and still not much of a TV watcher, even though I have all the services as a Charter employee. Maybe one of these days. *grin* I'm an avid computer junkie and put the internet service to plenty of good use, and thoroughly enjoy having my 25 megs here at home. One of these days I might actually consider making the jump to Ultra. Who knows???


5-26-2010: Still living in the little house in the woods on top of a very big hill -- and Charter is still my provider, since I'm an employee. I got the auto-upgrade to 25 megs, and now have a ubee Docsis 3.0 modem installed here; leasing it from Charter until prices come down a bit, and then I'll purchase my own. I was having a problem with slow speeds, until I got smart and changed the DNS servers; running like a scared rabbit now! *grin* Still have just the TV and the internet service, and I should probably dump the TV connection; even with a nice flat-panel here, I hardly ever watch TV. And still using my BlackBerry phone so don't need a house phone.


11-17-2009: Moved this fall, to a little house in the woods on top of a very big hill -- and had Charter re-installed the day I moved in. Install tech looked at the outside line after he couldn't get a good signal, said it was badly damaged, and then saw the squirrels running around in the trees. *grin* He immediately ran a new line and arranged to have it buried this time, to prevent any more damage from my friendly little "neighbors". Bury crew was here the next day, and no problems with any connections at all. Still have just the TV and the internet service; not paying for phone service as I pay a ton of money every month to have my BlackBerry phone and need it more than I need a house phone. Still running at 20 megs with no problems, and very happy to have the service on top of this hill; wasn't sure Charter was up here when I moved, but happy that they are!


5-5-2009: Still have Charter cable installed, and still working for Charter. The only problem I've had was a 9-day delay in getting the outside line put back up when a boom truck went by and pulled it down (had the boom partway up). Due to the stupidity of the person who took my call, the work order was entered incorrectly, and it took NINE DAYS for a tech to get out here and restring it. Once that was done, no problems.

I'm now running at 20 megs, and it's great! Today, just for fun, I installed Windows 7 RC 1, and it's running on Charter. Way better than Vista, and my laptop is hitting top speeds now. Very pleased with that, and will probably upgrade when the final release comes out.


9-23-2008: Well, it's back to Charter cable for services again. I moved in June, and the DSL that was available here absolutely sucked on speed. So out the door with it. I'm a Charter employee, so had the TV and the internet installed, and it's running just fine. I jumped to 16 megs for the internet, and it's awesome! AT&T doesn't have anything close to that, needless to say. The only problem I had was when a boom truck drove by with its boom up, and snagged both the Charter line and the electrical line coming into my house. Utility company was here in less than 30 minutes. Even with all my ranting and raving, it still took Charter NINE days to get the line put back up. Disgraceful.


9-13-2007: I'm still gone from Charter, but that will probably change within the next few months. I'm in the process of looking for a home to purchase, and depending on the availability of cable being there, plan to have Charter installed again. It'll be free this time around -- it's one of the perks of being an employee. *grin* I find it quite humorous that my current living situation dictates that even though I work for Charter, I have AT&T DSL at home. I did just upgrade to the 6 megs on the DSL, to see if it's any good; I'll know when the new modem gets here -- I'm running the DSL here on an old 5360!

I'm NOT a fan of the bundle setup that Charter is offering. I don't own a television, haven't owned one in years, and see no need to own one. I also don't need a phone, since I depend exclusively on my cell phone. The phone line here is used strictly for the DSL line; there isn't even a phone hooked up to it. So I don't know how that will fall out if and when it comes time to install Charter again. Time will tell!


It's been awhile since I posted an update and there have been some changes, so here goes. I'm gone from Charter even though I loved the speeds that I got; very consistent, as tested with the tools here at DSLR. I was on a special rate at Charter for the last several years. Not only did I lose that rate ($26/month), but I went straight from it to the new rate of $58/month -- and that's just for Internet service!!! I don't have cable TV here, so that was just too rich for my blood. Called Charter and cancelled the service, effective the day of the new rate hike, and called AT&T and ordered DSL.

My Linksys BEFCMU10 modem is packed away for another day. I'm currently house-shopping, and it will most likely be put to use again after I move. For the time being, I'm using an old Speedstream 5360 that I had lying around here; it does the job admirably well, and is hooked to my Linksys router before branching out to my systems.

I was very unhappy with the massive increase in price with Charter. I still think they have the best speed in town, although I'm not at all interested in their 6meg offering. I am sad to depart from them, but have to do what's best financially right now. I think those prices for naked internet are ridiculous. :-(

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