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Review by macsierra8 See Profile

  • Location: Minden,Douglas,NV
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Speed, reliability and no latency.."
Bad "Are there any?"
Overall "After Direcway this is heaven! :-)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Charter has had high speed internet in my rural area for about 6 months. But I had a Direcway Satellite contract for 15 months so I let it lapse. Charter had a free special installation and a couple free months so I tried it out. We've had Charter cable here for 10 years but no internet until now and my experience with Charter Cable TV 10 years ago was a disaster.

After 2 weeks with 3000/256 it's a pleasure to surf again. I've done a bunch of tests and nothing lower than 2600 down and 225 up. Secure sites are as fast as regular sites. I bought a Motorola SB5100 modem and gave the Ambit modem back to Charter to save a few bucks. Customer service was more than helpful changing modems. I'm happy so far....

Minden, Nevada

Just an update to my Charter speeds. I just ran 3 tests 2901/237 to 2834/237. Hardly any downtime since joining Charter. I'm still happy, 6/18/06 --Paul

Just updated to 10000/1000 WOW! No complaints here. 11/13/06


Well my 10 meg $75 a month charter isp went down to 3 to 4 meg about 90% of the time for the last 2 months. So I'm going back to 3 meg. Customer support is a joke, I wrote them, and they sent a password instruction e-mail.. I wonder if they read English????

11/5/07 After another chat with Charter "tech" I seem to have the glitch out in the Charter system. Speeds are back up where they should be..


I've been back to 10 megs for about a year and seems to be somewhat reliable. The price came down to $65 month so I can live with that. Overall Charter seems to be holding their own.


I'm still plugging away with Charter and have zero complaints here. My service is 10 meg + now and speed is fantastic..


I'm happy, 25 megs for $65 a month.. What's better? We have no access to DSL here.. I'll stay with Charter..

Update: 3/23/12

Charter is still kicking along well although we are starting to suffer from wi-fi gadget overload here.. I'm wondering how much the data transfer the Airport can take with 4 iPhones and 2 laptops plus the iPad and desktop machine..

Our third world telephone company finally brought DSL to the Frontier here.. No pun intended..

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