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Review by outz See Profile

  • Location: Boiling Springs,Spartanburg,SC
  • Cost: $91 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "It works half the time"
Bad "It doesn't work half the time"
Overall "find out if your neighbors have issues... if they dont, it may be a good choice for you"
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*** UPDATE 2013 ***

wow... it's now 2013. i ended up getting dsl for a bit in 2007-09, moved and had to go back to charter. the speeds and service were great up until i moved again into a ~3 year old subdivision. tons of t3 timeouts at random times which causes the internet to be unusable from 1-2 hours every day. this is also happening to several neighbors. charter has been out half a dozen times (this has been going on for well over a month) i've spoken to various techs, even have the field techs supervisors number. none seem to really care at all. they want ME to call them week after week to ask if they've fixed this issue.. instead of simply taking responsibility for the problem and working it to resolution.. oh, and for those who care about tv. my hd was fairly poor quality, but usable. the hd receivers are horrible. i had a new motorola dvr, but charters software displays the guide as 4:3 and is just a pain in the butt.

anyway... i canceled yet again today and have switched to uverse 18mbit internet+ hd tv. i wanted 24mbit but i was too far from the vrad. i honestly didnt want to switch as when charter is working its working well... also get my speeds and very low latency. theres just some type of intermittent noise on our street causing severe issues. uverse is more expensive and the internet isnt even close to being as fast, and due to the uverse extreme error control (interleave) the latency is a good 30-40ms higher to everything. but at least i voted with my wallet.. i guess?


*** UPDATE *** 2007-ish

I was with Charter prior to switching to DSL - Charter is a horrible company. I know most companies don't really care about their customers, but Charter REALLY doesn't care about their customers. I hate them with a passion. I hope they file bankruptcy.

I had Charters 10mbit package, it was great for a while, but then every day at 4pm I would get less than 1mbit speeds, and pings to various ip's would go from 30ms to 400+ this would continue until around 2am usually. I complained numerous times, got the run around.. They would send out techs who would run new temp lines directly from the box to a new modem to one of their laptops and they would continue to get less than 1mbit speeds. I would get the answer "sorry, I don't know whats wrong, I'll escalate it" Of course it wouldn't get escalated, they would mark the ticket as resolved and I would have to call in and open another.

I ended up canceling their internet service, they could of cared less. They dislike customers who want what they pay for.

I called in the other week to lower my digital cable package to 'basic digital'.. which is still $55/mo - I lowered it, then a few weeks later I get a letter in the mail stating they're increasing the price of the package by $5 ! I switched to the package so I could save $5!

I am close to canceling this service as well.



I moved from Comcast territory to Charter territory back in May of 2005... I've had NOTHING but trouble with Charter. Sometimes pings will be 800ms to google and everywhere else... and it isn't just my problem, if you goto the charter pipeline forums you'll find dozens of people from the area complaining about the same problem... so you know it is an area wide deal. This doesn't happen all the time, but more than I would like.

Comcast in Nashville was great. Charter is a horrible company that doesn't care about anything or anyone except its own bottom line.

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Cleveland, TN


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