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Review by tstolze See Profile

  • Location: O Fallon,Saint Charles,MO
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "So far so good, getting advertised speeds, low pings."
Overall "Price is right if you bundle."
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I have only been with Charter for a day now. Techs came ran cable, hooked up my modem. I was up and running in less than 30 minutes. After they left I hooked up my network, no problems, just cloned the Mac of the original computer hooked up and off it went. Stayed connected for 4hrs 15 minutes, then I couldn't connect. Called customer service, rep stated there was no modem associated with my account. I gave her the Mac of my modem and all has been fine since, ten minutes on the phone, can't complain. I have the 3.0/256 package, speed test are 2900/280, pings are equal to my Centurytel DSL. Have not been able to get trackpass working, hopefully it just takes time to work through the system, as I was told this is part of the HSI package. Also had to call as my account number wasn't recognized by the system to setup my account access and email. Took about 15 minutes, rep did it from his end, I gave him the username and password(which I have changed) and I was able to access after about a five minute wait..

Update on trackpass: Used Charter's online support chat, after concluding I was doing everything correct, the rep gave me the number for Nascar tech support. Called and they gave me a temporary username and password. They think my information probably has not made it through the system yet.

Update: All I have to say is watch your bills. I was warned about this, and now I have had to call on my first two bills. I was billed a total of $110 to much between my first two bills, they did fix it quickly, hopefully things will be okay from here...

Update 6/5/06

Been on the new 10/1 tier for a week now, speeds and pings are consistent in my area. Although the price is a little steep, I greatly needed the upload for gaming, website updates and a wife that loves to send pictures to Sam's Club by the hundreds! At 2 megs each it used to take a very long time, she is happy now, and a great excuse for me to get more bandwidth. Still say watch your bills, and my Trackpass stopped working after the upgrade, time to call and see what is going on...

Update 4/1/07

Connection still stable, had some more billing issues after I added HD to my TV package. Went through some long outages this winter, seems the backup in my node is capable of running 3-6 hrs on a full charge. Overall I am satisfied, would like more HD programming, I am sure that will come with time. My 12 month deal is up the first week of May. I do have some decisions to make, as normal pricing is to expensive.

Update 5/4/07

I am done, have Centurytel, and Dish Network coming back next week.

Had another "bill" issue, overcharged by $50+ for the month. Called and got a horrible rep on the phone. Seems every 2-3 months I have to call to get my bill fixed, then the wrong amount is still charged to my credit card and the credit shows up on the next bill. I wouldn't mind, but I have to analyze each bill to make sure it is correct.

(Update) 11/28/2011 I am now a Charter customer again, stuck with Centurylink as long as I could, now that they announced they will have a cap starting in February 2012, my reasons for not switching are gone. I have been in need of more upstream for some time now, with Charter I have it, signed up for the 18/2 and am receiving the upcoming tier of 30/4. Speedtest with Powerboost have been running 50/4 with large downloads settling in at 30 down. So far so good, I'm impressed, now let's hope the billing bugs don't creep into my account again, as that was my reasons for leaving in 2007.

11/24/12: We have been back with Charter for a year now. It works as advertised, no billing issues as in the past....What can I say, I now recommend Charter to my friends and family, this is a complete 180 from the past..

Purchased a tuner card for my server and now have Charter TV service using a Cable Card setup. Just testing now, waiting for Ceton to release the new media center extender. At that time I will cancel Dish. Charter TV will save us $40/month over Dish with a 922 DVR.

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