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Review by vaxvms See Profile

  • Location: Worcester,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "The technicians that come to my place have been great."
Bad "Telephone support sucks. Too many CSRs are mindless script readers. BOTs are a PITA"
Overall "When things are good they are very good. When things a bad they are VERY bad."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ordering service was quick and pleasant.
Installation was good. Installer did what I asked without hassle. Arrived when scheduled.
I HAD to get Charter phone service - Verizon service was a big problem. It's been fine.
I have my own modem and router so I don't have any Charter hardware.
I haven't had to use tech support yet.

update April 2008
Phone support is useless. 1) When I had a problem and called support the person wasn't interested in hearing my problem. The operator just wanted my name and address to send a tech. 2) One day my connection dropped. After waiting 2 hours I called support asking if there was a problem. They weren't aware of any problems and told me there must be a large area without service and I happened to be the first to report it. Not the case.
Techs visiting my home have found and fixed problems quickly. These fixes have been simple. I hop not-so-simple problems are resolved quickly.

update: July 2008
Phone support is still useless. Techs sent out to fix hardware problems have been knowledgable and make quick work of diagnosing and replacing broken hardware. The time to get a tech to my home has been very fast. Scheduled a visit on a Saturday morning and tech arrived in 4 hours.

Update January 2009
Things are slacking off. There have been many times where the net connection will drop a few times in a short period. No real pattern to when the connection drops. It doesn't take long to come back but it's more than just annoying when there's 3 or 4 dropped connections in a hour.
I've given up on calling tech support and the standard "There's an outage in your area. We don't know when it'll be fixed." response. Cable service has vanished a few times in the past couple months.

Update April 2009
Outages of all 3 services is becoming more common; at least once a month. Typically service is out for more than 4 hours. Calls to support require I give them my name, phone number, account number, address, and more before they tell me the standard "There's an outage in your area. We don't know when it'll be fixed." response. When service is restored it's back for less than an hour before it goes out again for half an hour. The "new" SA box I got had to be replaced after 3 months.

Update Oct 2009
Service has started dropping out sporatically in rainy weather. When it was happening last(?) year they replaced their box on the utility pole that had become full of water. Literally full of water. Techs were at the neighbor's house this week. Shortly after they arrived my service went out. It's been flickering ever since. Talked to the techs before they left. The techs said the neighbor was having problems with their 'net connection but they could find no problem. Powerboost was introduced a couple days ago.

Update Nov 2010
Network service has been stable.

Update Jun 2011
Phone support is still completely clueless to the real world.
A couple extended outages over the past couple months

Update November 2011
Home service: N/C
I work in downtown Worcester. We have Charter business service. When things are working they work well. When there are problems it can be a nightmare. But that seems to be the case with any service that is provided using wires in downtown Worcester.

Update July 2012
When service works, it's great. When there's a problem phone support is USELESS. For example: I call and report a problem. Tech support says there's no outage in the area. I ask Could it be I'm the first person to be reporting a problem? Support person response is NO YOU COULDN'T ' BE. Then a minute later tells me there is a problem in your area.
Upgrading from service I currently have to the new minimal service will cost me $15/month. Lord I wish there was some other provider available here.

30 minutes later
When service is out, phone support is LESS THAN USELESS

Again I say
Charter phone support sucks farts out of dead dogs butts
both home and business service.

Yet again I say
Charter phone support sucks farts out of dead dogs butts, both home and business service. 4 out of 5 CSR are completely ignorant and useles.
I've been forced to 30/4 service. I don't need or want 30/4 15/3 would be great. But Charter has declared that to be NFG. The only good thing to say about the required 30/4 service is getting a DOCSIS 3 modem from them.

The new 2 option internet service sucks. Charter's offering of 100Mbps or 30Mbps combined with their attitude of 'You don't like it? Then go f*ck yourself' is ridiculous. What's next a 2 package tv offering? You can gave All channels and offerings for $500/month or basic plus a bunch of channels you'll never watch for $150/month.
Cable TV - updates to the software/firmware in the cable box have been happening while I'm watching TV. The show video&audio disappear when a blue screen pops up announcing an update. After the update finishes the show returns. These interruptions have been happening between 8 & 10 PM.
When my package deal ended and internet became 2 choices with no package deals ever again I called Charter to see what I could get. I had to speak with 3 ignorant persons before I got to 1 who knew what he was talking about. One of the persons I spoke with told me the price for internet service would never change. What? What do you mean it'll never change? Are you telling me the cost will never go up? The price will never change sir but there will be adjustments made to cover costs to provide the service. So I'll be paying more for the service. No sir the cost will never change.

Charter's phone support system is USELESS!!!!!

I dropped tv service. All I have is 30/4 internet service (dl faster than I currently need/want). It's fine but when there is any kind of issue phone support is almost never of any help. For example:

ME: My cable service is out. My neighbors too. Is there a problem in the area?
CSR: No one has reported problems in your area.
ME: Could it be that I'm the first person to report the problem?
CSR: No sir. That's not possible.
ME: ??? sigh...

Update July 2014
Many Charter techs don't know their *ss from their elbow. Some are extremely competent. Most should be flipping burgers at McDonald's. I've had the privilege to interact with both. Those that are competent are always amused at what the others say and do.

Update March 2015
My DL speed has recently gone from 30Mbps to 60Mbps. "Free speed upgrade" as Charter calls it. Far more than I need but still the lowest level offered. Cost just went from $50/month to $55/month. Coincidence?
I may, not at my choice, become a Comcast customer this year if the FCC OK's the Comcast / Time Warner merger.

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So they are not useless then? Good. 3




Hey - I'm in the Tri-Cities too. After fighting a losing battle with Verizon for many years, bagged 'em and got Charter Cable Internet. Wow!! Super-fast 15Mb/sec down, 3 Mb/sec upload. Had it a year now and only two outages the whole time. One tech support to my house, went well and fixed the problem. Started at $19.99 a month - has kept creeping up now to about $30.00. My only complaint!

Kevin a


charter are criminals

I was told the same thing about the router. Even though I bought the one the suggested. Also the owe me $1478.54. When I was makinga payment they withdrew $770 instead of $77. It cause over$700 in overdrafts in my banking account. This was in March 2013. It is October and still haven't gotten my money back. They state that is to late