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Review by Synbios See Profile

  • Location: Worcester,Worcester,MA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
Good "It rarely disconnects"
Bad "Slow connection (but as advertised), Too Expensive!"
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I'm located in Worcester, MA. This is the only cable ISP available in my area.
Their base charge was $52.99 a month, plus $5.00 modem rental, I was originally paying $57 which is still a lot for 4Mbps/256kbps service.

Then they ADDED 2 dollars more a month so that was supposed to bring the total to $60/month. Somehow that ends up to be 61.99 that goes on the actual bill after some bogus "delivery charges". (apparently charter doesn't have contracts, I stand corrected, so they can legitimately increase the price of your service at any time)

I am now paying $62 every month for 4Mbps/256kbps service.

After having Charter for close to 3 years, strangely my cable got disconnected from the pole. I was without an internet connection for close to full work week before a tech came over to reconnect me.

Also, since my previous contract ended, I was able to get a new contract for $50 (no extra fees) and not including modem rental for a 16/2 Mbps advertised speed. I'm lucky to even get 14 Mbps down, but upload is pretty close to 2 Mbps most of the time. Still kinda pricey, but definitely an improvement over my last plan (bang for buck ratio at least).

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