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Review by nocannothave See Profile

  • Location: Kennewick,Benton,WA
  • Cost: $64 per month
Good "Fast, reliable, great price ($55 usd for 16mb/2mb, no promo)"
Bad "No weekend technicians to come to your house if needed."
Overall "Recommended,"

I upgraded from 5mb/512k to 10mb/1mb in January and it's been great. No complaints at all. I mostly download tv shows from Newsgroups and do some light uploading (maybe 2gb a week) with torrents, and the connection is always there. Love it.

2009-01-01 Update: Still getting rock solid connections on the 10mb/1mb service. Now paying $38 due to some other promo they offered.

2010-06-28 Update: Service has continued to be perfect in every way. What else can I say? We have their 16mb/2mb connection and are paying $55, plus a $10 no cable tv fee.

2013-02-16 Update: Continued excellent service. Now on 30mb/4mb business class. It's closer to 37mb/5mb. Yay me. Was $79.99 for 20mb/2mb, now paying $64.99. No surcharges due to not having cable tv.

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