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Review by morbo See Profile

  • Location: Saint Louis,Saint Louis City,MO
  • Cost: $54 per month
Good "best price/speed ratio"
Bad "only 2 speed tiers"
Overall "okay for speed; price is high"
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2013 Edit

Charter recently eliminated contracts and in the process, raised prices and eliminated all but the 30 and 100 download tiers. I disconnected cable tv and am high speed internet only.

2010 Edit.

Since my last edit, Charter has increased speeds and lowered my price (24 month guarantee) by $10+ a month. That's the good news.

The bad news is I had a mysterious rough patch where my internet slowed to a crawl a month or two back. For their credit, the Charter Direct support helped me test and then schedule a tech visit. Unfortunately, the test didn't turn up the problem, but I haven't had any trouble since. I wish I could say the same about their cable tv service. I'm currently waiting for a tech visit to figure out why I lost several HD channels one one tv and all channels on the other.

Now, Charter seems to be having a billing issue so I have to call their customer support and explain to them why I already paid and why they don't know this. Chat support had me pulling out my hair.
2009 Edit.

Charter has been a decent experience. With the trial period cost rate now expried, this faster internet is costing me more than I would like, but I still have not forgiven AT&T (my only alternative) for spying on the entire country with the warrantless wiretap system.

There was 2 brief downtimes over the past several months, but overall, it has been decent.

as a long time dsl customer, transitioning to cable internet (particularly Charter Pipeline) was more anxiety provoking that I had imagined. however, since I spend more time watching tv episodes online and recently started using Vonage for voip, I figured it was time to quadrupal my download speed and more than double my upload speed and take the plunge.

the install date was set for a saturday, and the installer was more than 4.5 hours late. customer service reps did help sooth the pain by giving two $20 credits and another free month of service, so I feel like I didn't start off with an abusive relationship with my isp. the following tuesday I called and did a self install (wasn't offering originally) and was up and running within 10 minutes.

I'm using a dlink cable modem I purchased from an online retailer for $40 after rebate.

so far, speed seems decent. amazon unbox movie downloads are much faster than what i had been experiencing with dsl. voip is working fine. so far so good!

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