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Review by megarock See Profile

  • Location: Pacific,Franklin,MO
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speeds are amazing when it works. "
Bad "Tech support is pretty much nonexistent now."
Overall "Business class my a$$. You should be ashamed selling it as such."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Charter's internet would likely work great if they weren't constantly trying to deny issues on their network. I had been a residential customer for years and dealt with constant issues that normally took weeks to get resolved when each time it ended up being a minor and easily fixable problem.

Instead you have to call, call, call and then call some more just to get some attention to the matter than another two to three weeks of calling to get it resolved. And lately a call to tech support can end you up on the phone for a half hour of horrible on and on sales pitches from the auto-attendant. To make matters worse I tried switching to business class for a more reliable connection and better tech support. For the price I pay I fully expected to get it. Needless to say a call puts you on hold for a very lengthy period, I get the same scripted "are you sure it's not YOU because there is nothing at all wrong with our stuff' crap I got from residential and the same slow, inept tech support that still takes a month and a half worth of calls to get something fixed.

Since I have no choice in another provider I am stuck with Charter but I am dumping the business class because all I've been doing is giving them even more money for the same horrible unstable internet connection and the same 'don't give a flying f*ck' tech support department. Not worth it at all so I can save $25 a month and have residential come out and hook up a modem and be done.

Business class my a$$!! this point these idiots deserve the big fat 0 rating. From about 5 pm - 11 pm every single night of the week my internet basically becomes non functional. Business class, residental...don't matter. Since they did their big 100 meg upgrade my net hasn't worked worth a crap so I've been tethering off my cell phone when I want my net to work. Sad, just sad. In the past month I have had no less than ten tech visits. Almost every tech has told me the same thing too - they are going from one place to another all reporting the same issue.

Charter borked their entire network in this area with those big upgrades and switch to digital. That's when it's started and as a line tech told me - they have no idea what's wrong.

If you have any other choice (wish I did, not holding my breath for UVerse) take it. I wish I could but thanks to that monopoly it's Charter or cellular. Sadly, the cellular works better.

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Catawissa, MO

and the winner is...

...apparently residential.

With my 'business class' my net would go down repeatedly from 5 - 10 PM. Top speed 104 meg.

With residential so far just two very quick drops - 16 locked DOCSIS channels - 110 meg and better ping times.




Charter lacks customer support!

I've had charter for 3 months now the internet hasn't worked for 1 day!..promises promises..they have had 3 appts to come out here and have showed up 0 times out of 3!..the customer service is so concerned about money that their support doesn't exist!.money money that's all it is to them. They don't listen to the customer nor do they care and the extent of their company training focuses on lying to the customer to pacify.. well I can't stand a liar and for a company to base their support solely on money and total lack of service support is no company I want to be part of. A reputable company should always stand behind their service and making sure the customer comes be honest they disconnect more customers than they sign up! wonder they have to solicit business from a list they have to buy from another company if it were me I would rather have to solicit the company myself rather than be bothered at home with someone begging me to try their services...if a company has to solicit you all that says is they arent good enough to stand on their own 2 feet and they loose more customers than they keep!..hhhmmm sounds like bad business to me epic failure!..hopefully when Comcast takes over which is the company who bought them out by the way.. they will care about the customer who is actually the backbone of any business..if you don't have your customer well you have no youd think the customers would be their priority! Unfortunately charter communications doesn't work that way!

Glendale, CA

Charter review

I am paying almost 300.00 this month because of a charter rep he sent a tech and charged me a service call charge when it wasn't needed I am going to pay the bill then get my 45.00 back I shouldn't have to pay for tech visit if its on their end