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Review by megarock See Profile

  • Location: Pacific,Franklin,MO
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speeds are amazing when it works. "
Bad "Tech support is pretty much nonexistent now."
Overall "I've given up. I'm switching to business class in hopes of getting something that actually works. "
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Been a Charter customer since they bought out AT & T's cable operations in St. Louis City. Since the city initially built and wired the system then sold it to AT & T who did everything they could to wreck it and make it worthless when Charter originally took over things they were rocky for quite a few years. Bad equipment, constant outages... and that was with nothing more than analog TV service.

Through the years I watched Charter upgrade and build out every wealthy neighborhood first then slowly work their way to us 'poor' city folks who paid the same dollar amount on their bills. The City was the last to get internet and digital services and for quite some time they never worked right.

Eventually though Charter improved. Over the years speeds have improved, reliability is better and I don't get the horrible evening congestion like I used to. After moving out of the City and into Franklin County I entered an area where Charter completely built the system from the ground up. 100 Mbps service, HDTV, phone.... however it is the only game in town unless you go with an even more expensive and even less reliable wireless company (we have two) that service the area. AT & T won't service my area - too far from the CO.

In the past two years that Charter's new system has been in place I have had no less than 30 tech visits. Everything works fine for several months then collapses into something absolutely unusable. Until recently I was able to contact a tech via DSLReports and get the issue fixed in a few days and could skip much of the red tape in getting things dealt with.

This last visit was just horrible. My upload vanished (0.03mb, should be 4.0 mb), then my download went haywire. As usual without being able to reach out to someone who had the foggiest idea what they were doing the first tech to show up was a subcontractor. He never tested from the tap, never inspected any outside or inside wiring and never once tested speeds from their own equipment. He had no idea what the lights on the modem meant or how to even access basic functions on a computer.

Needless to say the problem was not only left unfixed but made much worse. My internet basically ceased to operate. After finding the number to corporate escalations I got an actual Charter tech who came out, looked everything over and as it always is - nothing at all wrong with my inside wiring. Swapped modem anyway, still nothing. Lineman comes out, still nothing. Senior tech comes out... this is nearly a week later... and as I had told them all along..found the problem right at the tap in a few minutes.

When Charter wasn't skimping on support costs an issue like this would have been resolved in one trip. Instead I went a week without functioning internet and ended up having to kill my cell data just to access basic stuff. The costs keep going up, there is now much to nothing in package offerings - take 30 or 100 or shove off and they absolutely cut you off right at the package rate...you rarely see anything beyond that and generally several meg short. Ping times have increased dramatically (used to get 10ms, now it's around 55ms).

I sure wish there was an alternative because Tom Rutledge is destroying Charter all over again just as they were getting close to being a decent company. Right now Charter is about as bad as it's ever been and if you have a choice...ANY CHOICE...take it. Tom is going to run the company into the ground then take his golden parachute and move on just like he tried to do with Cablevision.

Update: 5/13:

As usual when Charter's internet works it's great. I am locked and rarely ever exceed the 30mb limit of the plan and so far there have been no notable outages since the last one which luckily for me happened right after they got rid of the UMatter team and instantly turned into a monumental headache that took nearly three weeks to get resolved even though once they send out the proper tech things moved quickly - getting a CSR over the phone to do anything but read from a script is next to impossible. Even after three techs visited and all said there was nothing at all wrong inside my building they continued to send in-home techs and not a wireline tech because the issue was DEFINITELY outside like it always is.

The service itself has been pretty solid since the last repairs were made but that never lasts more than five months or so...and we're near that again. Expect the next update to be the service down for weeks again.

Update 9/25/2013:

Right on time. The six month cycle has arrived. The problem this time is Escalations is no longer there and the social media department shuttered. Only support is now the script reading monkey's that work on the residential side. Signal levels are all over the place, modem blanks out for no reason multiple times a day. Same problem that comes around twice a year. I can no longer take it but since Charter is the only game here I'm switching over to business class for an extra $20 just to get real support and have a tech show up that actually cares a little about fixing the issue.

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