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Review by lizaphile See Profile

  • Location: Sheboygan,Sheboygan,WI
  • Cost: $230 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Very few problems beyond what Charter has at their end"
Bad "However, when there is a problem, it takes 2-3 calls by techs to resolve, and forcing premium channel bundling is annoying"
Overall "All in all, I've had them for 14 yrs TV/10 yrs internet and not many problems to speak of"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've had Charter for twelve years and really have had no problems that require major servicing in all these years. My internet speed (Plus/30 meg) usually stays right in the range I need it to, while my cable TV service works well; it used to take weeks to get the schedule right in the guide after a channel change, for instance, where now two days is the longest for them to work out. The staff at the local office has been nice and I find most of the phone techs to be cooperative.

The only problem I usually suffer with is when I have to get a tech out. Three years ago in 2008 I had a nightmare of a month where I had to deal with my modem service going out 3-5 times a day, which then knocked my Charter Telephone service off. I consider myself experienced enough to be a good home network admin, and dealing with some of the phone people was frustrating as they kept blaming the router or another factor (like my modem, a Surfboard 5100). Once I was able to get a tech out here (outsourced, sadly, not one of my regular guys who knows my wiring), he didn't do much more than switch out some splitters and blame electrical bleeding for my problems. Two hours after I get booted, and after being treated awful by two male phone techs, I had much better luck with a nice woman who suggested it was my cable modem that was booting. So it was off to Target to buy a new Linksys CM-100, and thankfully when I provisioned it, another nice woman gave me a $20 credit for my problems.

The modem didn't solve my problems, so after stopping at the office one afternoon to make a service appointment, I got a tech for a Sunday appointment (a great thing Charter Wisconsin added around that time) who knew what the problem was after checking the lines inside. He went out to the pole, checked some things, and told me I needed a new line from the alley to the box on the house. In the meantime he fixed my existing line and I haven't been booted since then; my only outages are during the worst of weather and the regular overnight monthly maintenance windows.

Formerly I went with two Moxi DVRs, one regular DCB and one HD DCB for the TV side until late 2010, when I switched out the Moxis with one TiVo Premiere XL purchased on my own and a leased DCX3400 due to how badly Moxis worked with SDV (and how they were like a Hoover on the power bill; killing the Moxis saved me $15 a month right off the bat); this setup has worked well, along with the existing HD DCB and regular DCB I kept. I also went into a two-year contract with Charter with 18 meg HSI/phone/HBO/Showtime/Starz around the same time to seal my price for awhile. I renegotiated after that in October 2012 to near the same price without a contract, but the addition of Epix and a switch to a Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 modem provided by Charter due to their rental-required rules which is pretty much to me the CM-100 but able to get 3.0 and IPv6. A move of homes in 2012 was pretty much flawlessly performed by Charter; since I knew my stuff and all the equipment besides a new line to the computer was there, I hardly had to do anything there.

In 2014 I switched out the HD DCB supplying my computer with an HDHomeRun Prime ahead of Charter's all-digital switchover; besides some hassle between us getting a CableCard to my house (a shipped CableCard was stuck in the warehouse forever and I finally just had a tech come over after a self-install with a card picked up at the office failed) and the expected non-support, it worked out very well. I am not happy though that the new billing doesn't allow me to choose premiums ala carte, so if not for some phone negotiation I'd still be subscribed to Starz and Epix despite their lousy films.

Telephone service is fine; I barely think about it at all. It just works and Charter has done a great job with their implementation. No slamming or cramming issues and pretty good blocks and tools to make sure their $40 a month charge for it remains at that price.

Despite that, the new all-digital system will give me all the HD channels I need. The only thing that concerns me is internet caps, but since I average around 180GB a month I haven't hit their 250GB wall yet, so hopefully they open it up a little as video becomes more prevalent. I'm also in an area where U-Verse is available, but not to my home, so sticking with Charter for the time being.

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