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Review by GvilleDSL See Profile

  • Location: Greenville,Greenville,SC
  • Cost: $54 per month
Good "Fastest speeds in town. Stable. Low ping times. Channel Bonding"
Bad "$54/month for lowest tier. Only 4mbps upload. Upload channel bonding needed"
Overall "I wish they would offer a lower tier package or implement channel bonding on upload speeds"
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*3/18/14 UPDATE* Charter has finished updating my area to completely being all digital so they were able to increase(double) the download speeds from 30mbps to 60mbps for no additional cost. From what i've read they have added more TV channels as well but i dont have their TV service so i cant confirm that. Due to this speed boost ill increase my score for value for money slightly.

*3/15/13 UPDATE* Charter has made some poor moves in my opinion over the last few months by getting rid of their online customer support on these forums which helped me greatly in the past. Also they have decided to remove the lower tier service of 15/3 for the budget minded and replaced it with 30/4 for roughly $50/month. The only other current speed tier is 100mb which is quite a bit more. Even though 30/4 @ $50/month is still a better value over their rivals in Uverse in my area, it still is a poor price-for-performance ratio. I really hope they either offer a lower budget tier again or perhaps get channel bonding for their upload speeds going soon and can offer some sort of symmetrical speed tiers even at lower speeds...IE 10/10 or 20/20 for a decent price of $40 or less. Overall i have reduced my score for Charter in this review for value and tech support as both have suffered greatly in the changes that have been made.

*2/4/11 UPDATE* Charter has increased my speed from 8mb down to 12mb free of charge. This is a 50% increase....thanks Charter

*11/17/10 UPDATE* Channel bonding now enabled in my area. Thanks Charter!

*5/15/10 UPDATE* Recently downgraded my service from 25/3 to 8/1 since my promotion has run out. I signed a 24 month contract for $29/month which im very happy with considering these are the speeds im getting: »www.speedtest.net/result/8156071 ··· 7186.png

Raised the "Value for money" to a 5 as this is the best deal in town by far.

*3/1/10 UPDATE* Charter upgraded speeds though out their tiers for free so now im receiving 25/3 instead of 20/2. So i decided to up their "Value for money" 1 more star. I'm still very happy with the service but the price after the 6 month discount still maybe a bit steep for me so ill probably drop down to 8/1 or 16/2 depending on a negotiated price point. Keep up the good work Charter.

Some history first. Ive had Charter twice before in the past 4 years or so. Twice at 2 different apartments and once at my current home. All 3 times there were issues and eventually switched to AT&T's DSL service in my home. Had DSL for about 2 years then started having issues which could not be resolved by AT&T so i made the decision to drop them and give Charter another try.

I signed up for the 20/2 plan for $55/month(Current 6 month offer)+ $10 for stand alone service(as i already have Direct TV for TV). I decided to buy a modem rather then rent one so i bought a Motorola SB 6120(incase my area is upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 in the future). The install date came and the installer showed up right on time. I informed him i already had Direct TV and it was using all the existing coaxial cable in the house and he would have to run a new coaxial from outside to the modem inside. He ended up running the cable around the back of the house and bringing it in through the side of the house into the den. I thought it would require more but he did the job extremely fast and did a great job. He registered the modem and tested the connection and all was working. He told me the signal level was perfect since the new coaxial cable was a straight shot to where the service enters the house.

After he left i decided to hook up my Linksys WRT54GS router and noticed i was not getting the speed i was getting w/o the router. After some research i found out the router had issues with switching from 10mbps to 100mbps. It would not allow anything over 10mbps but i never noticed it before as my previous DSL connection was only 6 mbps. I decided to replace the router with a gigabit router so i got a D Link DIR 655. After that i had no issues at all. My DL speed is usually closer to 30 Mbps(mostly 2.5-3.2 MB/sec) and my upload is always 2 Mbps...even during prime time hours. Ping times are low and stable. Charter is routed up the east coast for me so the routing is slightly different then AT&T which goes through the South East(ATL).

As for the future, im hoping Charter will upgrade my area to DOCSIS 3.0 speeds but time will only tell. Their only competition in my area is AT&T's UVerse which is still in limited areas and offers slightly slower speeds compared to Charter's 20mbps plan, but im sure that will change in time as well. After the promotion runs out i may downgrade my speed to 10/2 as my only complaint is $80/month is a bit much for my broadband needs. So far however, im very impressed with Charter's improvement in my area and im happy with my service. Ill update if things are to change in the future.

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