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Review by robewhitener See Profile

  • Location: Asheville,Buncombe,NC
  • Cost: $138 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Very fast, good solid connection. 60mbps now"
Bad "Incompetent unprofessional installer"
Overall "Whoever Charter subcontracts to for the Asheville/Buncombe Area was awful. You'll end up doing all the work."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I recently purchased a new home, and had to transfer my service. The home was new construction, in a subdivision with underground utilities. I made the arrangements with Charter for an install, and made it understood that they had to bury the cable from the connection to the home. The appointment was made, with no problems. I think that in this area, Charter subcontracts cable installers, so this may not be on Charter, as much except for the subcontractor they chose for this area. The installer who came out, complained that our insulation was too thick, drilled 4 holes in my floor for one cable, because when he drilled the first one, he "couldn't find it..". He tore down 10 feet of my insulation to drill said hole(s). My wife had to show him how to plug in the brand new cable modem, because he told her that he couldn't make it work. Meanwhile, from walking in the house without checking his shoes, he tracked red clay mud through my home to the two bedrooms for the install, and the living room. (Thank god I have wood floors...). He hooked up the three cable boxes, and didn't hang around to see if they did anything other than power on. I had to call the activation line to set all three boxes, and ended up having to go to the local office to trade one defective box back. For some reason, Charter, or he installer, wouldn't use the equipment we brought from the old residence, so all boxes and modems from the old residence were in a box. The installer refused to take three boxes and a cable modem back. (minor thing. I could live with that..). They were also supposed to bury that cable, with the understanding that the driveway paver was supposed to come out within a day to do their job. He said he didn't have time to bury it, or to call someone to come bury it. I've still got an orange cable stretching across the yard, and am having to reschedule my driveway paving, because said cable strings across the drive, when he could have moved it 10 feet to the left, by using longer cable with less tension.

Done with my rant with the install. Now on to the service.

My speed tests are showing that I'm getting 45-52mbps download on my 60mbps connection, and about 6mbps upload. Not really that bad. I can be watching Netflix in the living room, my daughter can be streaming music, and my wife can be skyping with my other daughter without any major stutters. We currently have 3 computers, 4 smartphones, a Nintendo WII, a kindle fire, a couple of tablets and an XBOX 360 on-line when we're home, and so far, there is no problem.

I love the service, but absolutely hated the install process.

update 12/24/2014 Charter sent out a crew to bury my cable yesterday. Those guys did a bang up job, and even laid the area they dug back over with the hay. I'll have to re-seed it, but no problem there.

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