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Review by grayem See Profile

  • Location: Saint Louis,Saint Louis City,MO
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Its a monopoly?"
Bad "Minimum internet speed is $50 per month.and service has caps."
Overall "When it works the connection is fast, but nervous about using it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Latest update:
The $29 lasts a year then its $50+ just for internet.

Had to argue with phone support about a tech service call that resulted in the contractor replacing something outside, they charged me a fee when it had nothing to do with my equipment. Frustrating waste of 3 hours to remove the fee.

The latest change was to remove the charter direct and other social media charter help.
Now you are stuck on the phone, such a waste of time.

That's They keep changing and it keeps getting worse for me.

First, they made internet faster, so had to buy new modem, I didnt need the speed,
Then, they raised the price...yeah!
Next, Cable TV required renting a box and the price got higher, I turned off cable TV, yeah!
They now cap your internet use and if you go over three times, you're cut off. yeah!
Now I have to rent a modem even though I already have one that works! Yeah!
--->you can say the modem is free, but someone has to pay for it, and the monthly price went up when they started forcing me to use theirs.

I wonder how much of my Charter bill is paying for the stuff I dont use:
"the Charter cloud",
Email servers
music service

I hope we get another ISP here someday.

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Catawissa, MO

same here

You'll need to contact them to kill the cloud service. They suckered me into it as well because they never mentioned anything about charges for it when it first came out. You can still purchase your own modems off e-bay or wal mart which is cheaper than leasing one. The other issues are very real however I have never hit the cap and I am a pretty frequent downloader nor have i received a notice.

Saint Louis, MO

Re: same here

They will no longer let you use your own modem as of the 26th of June.



Modems are free now

I have charter in two residences and I received a call that I have to use their modems as of last month, they sent a brand new modem and I installed it. No charge for any of this.


Sparks, NV

Re: Modems are free now

I've been with Charter over ten years and use my own equipment. Still do as of today.



There is no modem rental charge on current pricing and they do not enforce the caps anymore.